The Novosibirsk theatre “Globus” addressed to spectators with the request to bring unnecessary books to use as props in the play “the day after tomorrow” on the works of American writer ray Bradbury. In a statement on the website of the theatre says that for setting the required “read for a long time and unneeded editions” that are lying around in the closet.

Spectators are asked to bring books to the service entrance of the theater marked “to play “day after tomorrow”. Just for the play required 2,000 books. “Preferred sizes – 30 x 40 cm, hardcover. All books will remain in theater and will proudly take part in the production of the play”, – stated in the message. “The more books, the closer to the premiere!” – emphasize the theatre.

As told by NGS.News in the press service of the theater, the play on the big stage will present the Director of the St. Petersburg Dmitry Egorov. Novosibirsk spectators Egorov known for the play “Dovlatov. Jokes”, which now goes to the theater “Red torch”. Premiere of the production “day after tomorrow” is scheduled at the Globe on 24 and 25 November.

In the summer a similar event held in the theater “Red torch”. Then for the performance of Timothy kulyabina “Process” spectators were asked to bring unwanted video tapes.

Earlier in the press service of the theater “globe” reported that performance on unfamiliar for Russian-speaking readers the stories of ray Bradbury, will be shown in category 18+. The creators of the show promise not “forbidden” scenes, but I hope for serious “adult conversation,” says TASS.

“I fundamentally important category of 18+, this show is not for teenagers, it is addressed to adults. While there is nothing “forbidden” to me. Mat and tobacco Smoking is prohibited by law, the bloody murders in the play will not be to undress and go naked on the stage too, no plans. In General, nothing “outrageous” is not expected”, – quoted the press service of the words of the Director Dmitry Egorov.

The play uses several short stories by Bradbury that have not been translated into Russian language. In the statement, a total of ten stories and two excerpts from the novel “451 degrees Fahrenheit” and the novel “dandelion Wine”. According to the Director, of the works of Bradbury, written many years ago, are relevant today – “not as something fantastic, utopian, but as very close to our reality”.

Novosibirsk theatre asked the audience to bring 2000 books to play based on the works of Bradbury 31.10.2016

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