The Estonian defence League, which is comprised of 25.4 thousand people, organizes special events for its volunteers, during which various training, educational Estonians to be partisans. As reported by The New York Times, these knowledge and skills will be useful to fight the occupation army.

As the correspondent of the newspaper, it’s also incredibly popular “military sports” in Estonia. It is assumed that “future partisans” (or insurgents) will fight against Russian troops coming which feared all of the Baltic countries.

In the article, which quotes InoPressa, said that Estonia would have no chance to win in a traditional war with Russia. Therefore, “after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, Estonia has expanded the training of members of the League of defence of Estonia”. “They are taught guerrilla warfare until the manufacture of improvised explosive devices – weapons that have plagued many American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Another back step for friction in relations with Russia, the extension of the program, which encouraged Estonians to keep firearms at home,” writes the NYT.

For example, to pass a training exam, a team of four people puts out the fire, rides, recognizes forest medicinal plants, and at night hiding from the conditional armed “enemies”. In recent competitions in County järvamaa, despite the cold weather, was attended by 16 teams of four.

“The best deterrent is when there is not only by armed soldiers but armed civilians,” said Brigadier General Meelis Kiili, commander of the League of defense of Estonia.

“Data on how many firearms (mostly rifles, a Swedish-made AK-4) Estonia has given to the public, classified. But the League said that after beginning of the Ukrainian crisis accelerated the pace of this program. They have to hide weapons and ammunition in the safe embedded in the wall, or buried in the backyard”, – said in the article.

The exhortations that civilians stocked up on warm clothes, boots, canned food and guns may seem a parody defence strategy against such a military colossus like Russia. But the Estonians say that the war in Iraq and Afghanistan demonstrate the effectiveness of the insurgents movement, its ability to compete with a powerful army, is in the NYT article.

NYT: in Estonia, the partisans prepared in case of Russian occupation 31.10.2016

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