US President Barack Obama on the eve of the expiration of their term of office has warned that after his departure from the White house can criticize the newly elected head of the United States Donald trump, if he will pose a threat to fundamental American values. About the current U.S. leader said during a press conference on the results of the APEC summit, held 19-20 September in the Peruvian capital Lima.

Traditionally ex-presidents of the United States leave the political struggle and avoid comments about their successors. Obama said that will give the Tramp time to delineate his point of view, noting that as a private person may speak on some issues, according to Bloomberg. “I want to be respectful to the office and give the elected President the opportunity to present his platform and his arguments without criticism in someone’s address”, – said the acting President of the United States.

However, Obama noted that if there are controversies on the part of the “fundamental questions of our values and our ideals, and if I deem necessary or useful for me to defend these ideals, then I’ll deal with it as soon as the time will come”. The US President described himself as “an American citizen who is very concerned about his country”.

Also at the press conference on the results of the APEC summit, Obama promised that he would react to the administration of the trump with the same courtesy that was shown to the team his predecessor, George W. Bush, reports the BBC. It is worth noting that Bush has refrained from commenting about his successor in office.

Thus, Obama made clear he was not going to evaluate solutions trump, is still President of the United States. However, on their plans to protect “fundamental values” as a private person, the President told against the background of growing concern in American society, including among human rights activists about the political intentions of trump.

Last week, the President-elect spent the first destination in his future administration. The billionaire had offered the post of national security adviser to the former head of the Intelligence Department of the Ministry of defense Michael Flynn, who previously criticized the military and Obama’s foreign policy and advocated cooperation with Russia in Syria. A candidate for the office of attorney General Jeff sessions in 1986, missed the chance to become a Federal judge, allegedly because of racist comments. In addition, the main strategist of the campaign trump was Stephen Bannon, who previously headed the website Breitbart, accused of promoting racism and anti-Semitism.

Last week, Obama said that the current US administration is ready to accelerate process of transfer of power to the new President and his team. The politician stated that, in his view, trump “sincerely wants to become a successful President and to continue to progress the country,” but in his temperament. “there are some features that will not stand him in good stead, while he does not recognize them and will not change them.”

Recall also that during the first week after the announcement of results of elections of the President of the United States by American non-governmental organization Southern Poverty Law Center recorded a significant growth in xenophobic attacks. Across the country there were 437 incidents are not connected, however, contain references to the election campaign of Donald trump or his private statements.

According to the report, most of the more than 120 – are associated with anti-immigrant sentiment. In addition, the marked manifestations of hatred of blacks, LGBT people, Muslims, sexist attacks, swastikas and anti-Semitic rhetoric.

During his election campaign, Donald trump repeatedly sharply negative perception about the Muslims and Mexicans. After reports of his victory in the presidential elections in several major U.S. cities have passed protest actions under the slogan “Not my President”. The participants, among other things, declare the disagreement with the position of the trump on national, religious and other minorities.

Obama admitted the possibility of criticism of trump after his retirement from the post of President 21.11.2016

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