President Barack Obama will send in the resignation of the Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) James Comey immediately after the election of a new President. This is with reference to sources in the White house the newspaper The Daily Mail.

According to the newspaper, to dismiss Komi proposed senior Advisor to the President Valerie Jarrett. Together with Obama a few days they discussed the legal and political consequences of the displacement of the head of the FBI from the post, the article says.

Obama was furious because of the decision of the Komi Republic for 11 days before the election to reopen the investigation in respect of a candidate for the U.S. presidency from the Democratic party, Hillary Clinton, says DM.

First, the President did not want to take action against Komi Republic out of fear that he will be charged with obstruction of justice, the newspaper specifies. But Jarrett convinced the President to want to move Komi for ill-considered intervention in the election.

As a result of Obama instructed to prepare a plan for the removal of the Komi Republic from office. When it was certain that the firing of the Director of the FBI before the election will not follow.

In late October, the Komi Republic has notified the chairmen of the several committees in Congress that the FBI resumes its investigations in connection with the use of Clinton’s personal email server in the years of her tenure as Secretary of state.

Komi explained the decision by the appearance of some emails allegedly associated with the specified case. What exactly are the new investigative actions of the FBI and that they are directed, not officially reported. The documents were discovered on the computer of former Congressman Anthony Weiner. His wife huma Abedin, an activist of the Democratic party and assistant to Clinton.

Obama can dismiss the Director of the FBI after the election, according to the press 08.11.2016

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