In Athens the President of the USA Barack Obama discussed with Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras the need to maintain EU sanctions against Russia. It was announced on Tuesday, November 15, during a joint press conference.

“We discussed the need to exchange intelligence information to prevent terrorist attacks, as well as the importance of maintaining sanctions, including imposed on Russia EU sanctions as long as it complied with the Minsk agreement,” Obama said (quoted by TASS).

He promised to continue to reduce the debt of Greece to get it on the road to “economic recovery”.

As reported by CNN, Obama called Greece “a reliable ally”, loyal to NATO, even under the pressure of the debt crisis. “We are proud to recognize Greece one of our closest allies and greatest friends,” Obama said, estimating the country’s ability to fulfil its financial obligations towards NATO, despite austerity measures.

Obama spoke about change, which can begin with the arrival of the elected President of the USA of Donald trump, and mentioned the “alarming and not always supported by the facts” campaign rhetoric. However, Tsipras, as noted by The Washington Post, said he will abstain from hasty criticism of trump, explaining that “aggressive manner” of the Republican candidate may be significantly different from his manner in the new as President. In his opinion, “in the near future in relations between the EU, Greece and the United States will change too much.”

In addition, Tsipras added, it was one thing to criticize trump during the election campaign, and quite another now, when he will become a “major player”. The Greek Prime Minister noted that it is weakened by the crisis the country has earned the reduction of the national debt, revision of the agreed primary surplus of the budget and inclusion in the European quantitative easing program.

The Obama administration planned to maintain sanctions against Russia as long as Moscow does not fulfill the agreement on settlement of the situation in Ukraine. The possibility of lifting sanctions associated with the arrival of the White house Donald trump, who built the pre-election campaign statements about the need to come to terms with Russia.

The sanctions were set by administrative decree, their cancellation does not require legislative initiatives. Bank Morgan Stanley has estimated the probability of cancellation of sanctions of the USA against Russia after the election trump. According to diplomats, the EU may extend sanctions to his inauguration, so as not to exclude mitigation in the future.

In a telephone conversation of Russian President Vladimir Putin with the trump, held the day before, was emphasized in particular “the importance of establishing a strong Foundation of bilateral relations through the development of their trade and economic component”.

Obama discussed with Prime Minister of Greece the necessity of maintaining EU sanctions against Russia 15.11.2016

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