U.S. President Barack Obama commented on the military operation of the Russian HQs in Syria: the fact that he explained the weakness of President Bashar al-Assad, noted the advances and stressed that, in spite of this, a political solution will be preferred: “It’s not a competition between me and Putin.”

Obama touched on the Syrian issue raised at the press conference following the summit, US-ASEAN in California. The fact that Russia “had to send its own soldiers and its own aircraft and to invest in this massive military operation, is not of great strength, and the weakness of the position of Assad,” said the American leader. In his opinion, Russia still faces the risk of “bogged down” in Syria. “If someone thinks that the battle will stop, because Russia and the regime has made some initial progress, (it is not)… About three quarters of the country still controlled by forces not asadowskij. This (war) will not cease.” (Quoted by TASS.)

While Obama said his surprise not achieved during the operation of the Russian Federation in Syria results: “a Handful of rebels cannot withstand the second power of the armed forces of the world.”

According to him, in Syria it’s not the rivalry between him and the President of Russia, and to “end the sufferings of the people, to stabilize the situation in the region and to stop the massive outflow of people, mass migration and to deny safe haven of the IG (“Islamic state”, the group banned in Russia.)

“Putin may think he is ready to invest in a permanent occupation of Syria, but it will be very expensive, and if you look at the state of the Russian economy, it is not the best idea for Russia”, – quotes Obama “Rain”.

The U.S. President reiterated his willingness to coordinate efforts on Syria with Russia in the case of “political transition” of power in Damascus would be preferable, he said, option. “If we achieve political transition in Syria, this will allow us to more effectively coordinate efforts not only with Russia but also with other countries in the region to take on the largest direct threat to the U.S.,” he said.

“We’ll see what will happen in the next few days. We will work with partners that are configured to defeat ISIS. And see how to develop a better political solution than the one that can provide aerial bombardment”. Obama said that he hopes for the success of the agreement between John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov a ceasefire in Syria, although it will be difficult since “how much blood is spilled.”

Obama expressed reluctance to compete with Putin in Syria and explained the military intervention of the weakness of Assad 17.02.2016

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