President Barack Obama has called a “turning point” the ratification of the Paris climate agreement 72 countries, so the document will come into force after 30 days. On Wednesday acceded to the agreement of EU countries – Germany, France and Slovakia which brought the share of greenhouse gas emissions of the participating countries to 56.75% in the required 55%, reports Reuters.

“Today is a historic day in the fight against climate change, – said Obama, whose administration has become one of the driving forces behind the process of rapid ratification of a global agreement. – It can be seen as a turning point for our planet.” According to the head of the United States, the international community has “crossed the threshold beyond which enter into force” agreements.

However, the US President stressed that “the Paris agreement does not in itself solve the problem” of global climate change, but it will help “restrain or avoid some of the more negative effects” of warming on the planet, quoted by TASS.

Obama called on the international community “to take in the coming days an additional agreement to reduce total emissions” relating to air transport and “gradually stop the use of dangerous hydrofluoric carbon”.

Agreed with Obama and U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry, who in a statement stressed that “today, we finally woke up”: “We finally embarked on the path to protect the future of our children, our grandchildren and the next generations.” He stressed that countries such as USA, China, India and the EU “recognized the importance” of the Paris agreement and decided to take it “ASAP.”

The Paris climate agreement was adopted December 12, 2015 at the conference in Paris. 195 participants of the forum agreed not to allow the increase in the average temperature of the planet by the year 2100 more than 2 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels. Scientists believe that a more significant increase in temperature can lead to irreversible consequences for the environment. The agreement should replace the Kyoto Protocol, the validity of which will expire in 2020.

23 April 2016 at the UN General Assembly in new York, the document was signed by 175 States, including Russia, Germany, USA, China and India. Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation Alexander Bedritsky in June, said in an interview with TASS that Russia will ratify the Paris agreement not earlier than 2019 or 2020.

As reminds Reuters, the case with the previous global deal on climate change – the Kyoto Protocol – the process of ratification by a sufficient number of countries took seven years.

Obama has called ratification of the Paris climate agreement a turning point 06.10.2016

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