President Barack Obama
commenting on the death of the leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro, has said it is ready to be a friend of Cuba and to “extend the hand of friendship” to the Cuban people.

“Today we Express our condolences to the family of Fidel Castro. Our thoughts
and prayers go out to the Cuban people. In the coming days the Cubans
have to remember the past and think about the future. And people of Cuba need
know that USA is their friend and partner, – quotes the President of the United States Agency TASS. – History will assess the enormous influence of this extraordinary man to people and the world around him”.

Obama also said: “for six decades, the relationship between the U.S. and Cuba
was complicated by quarrels and serious political differences. While
as President, I worked hard to leave the past in the
the past and aim for a future in which the relationship between our two
countries would be determined not by differences, but by those numerous
things that we, neighbors, unite. It’s a family, cultural,
trade relations and universal principles”.

Castro came to power in 1959, and for half a century, turned Cuba into a symbol of resistance to the United States – a Communist state with free education and health care and gradually with aging because of the sanctions infrastructure of Soviet times. His younger brother, Raul headed for a gradual increase contacts with the outside capitalist world and the restoration of diplomatic relations with the United States.

Fidel Castro died in the night of Saturday, Moscow time at the age of 90 years. The funeral will be held on December 4, declared in Cuba after a nine-day mourning.

Obama in connection with the death of Castro “extends the hand of friendship” to Cuba 26.11.2016

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