President Barack Obama has invited the candidate for presidency from Democratic party Hillary Clinton to undergo medical examination at the military hospital Walter reed (Maryland) due to serious health problems. However, Clinton refused this proposal because of fears that the information about her health can leak to the press, writes former editor of the magazine New York Times Magazine Edward Klein in his column in The Washington Post.

“The personal physician of former Secretary of state said that Clinton’s perfectly healthy, but, according to my sources in the White house, President Barack Obama and his senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett hold the opposite opinion. Obama and Jarrett were so concerned about the health of Hillary, which recently offered to send her for medical examination in a military hospital. The head of state insisted on the “complete confidentiality” of such a visit,” writes Klein.

According to him, the former US Secretary of state, now competing for the presidency, has rejected Obama’s proposal “due to concerns that the leak of this information to the media will deal a crushing blow to its election campaign”. However, the former first lady turned new York Presbyterian hospital with a “highly confidential” visit.

Klein notes that Clinton, arriving in a medical facility, enters through the service entrance, so as not to give reason to think about its probable health problems. Despite the fact that Clinton asked doctors not to reveal the truth about their health, to Klein, in his own words, managed to learn that the presidential candidate was diagnosed with abnormalities in heart rhythm and the heart valves.

She also found chronic hypotension (low blood pressure), poor circulation and a congenital predisposition to blood clots and fainting. Doctors advised the 68-year-old Clinton to carry out the operation prosthetic heart valve, but she refused because they were afraid of “negative political consequences” after leaking information about the operation to the press.

In the end, Clinton was prescribed medication, after which she began to feel sleepy and tiredness, and then the drugs began to cause frequent fainting ex-Secretary of state. Klein notes that friends of the former first lady is well known that she is suffering from severe headaches, falling asleep, when he teaches his speeches, often stumbles and falls at home.

“Clinton asks his assistant Humu Abedin to give her a massage of the shoulder joint, as well as applying a cold compress to the neck and head,” writes Klein. Other her assistant, knowing the state of health of Clinton, “as simplify her work schedule”.

Recall that on September 11, Clinton is ahead of schedule left the ceremony in new York in memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The next day her staff canceled the trip, saying that the Clinton pneumonia, although initially it was claimed that the former Secretary of state was hot in the sun.

Clinton took a forced pause in the presidential campaign because of pneumonia. September 15 the candidate of the Democrats resumed participation in the race. While its headquarters have stated that they intend to publish more information about the health of Clinton to “to conduct election campaign as transparently as possible”.

After the attending physician Hillary Clinton Lisa Bardach released information about her health, Clinton held a 10-day course of antibiotic treatment from “non-contagious bacterial form of pneumonia,” and she’s better now. Clinton did a chest CT scan which showed that she has a “lightweight, non-contagious form of bacterial pneumonia.”

The poll, conducted in connection with these events, showed that half of Americans believes that the candidate in US presidents from Democratic party “provides the public with false information about their health.” Her rival for the seat in the White house billionaire Donald trump so think 37% of respondents.

Faint Clinton gave the United States including conspiracy explanation: the American pathologist Bennet Omalu suggestedthat she may have been poisoned, adding: “I don’t trust Putin and Trump. With these two anything is possible”.

Obama offered Clinton to be examined in a military hospital due to serious health problems 18.10.2016

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