The US government in collaboration with private us corporations
organizes an expedition of astronauts to Mars by 2030-th year, and in the future they will be able to stay there for a long
time, wrote President Barack Obama in an article published in
Tuesday, October 11, on the website of CNN.

“We have set ourselves a clear goal is extremely important for the next stage in the history of America’s exploration of space, sending humans to Mars in 2030-ies and safe for them to return to Earth to end one day
they were able to stay there for a long time, says
article. To reach Mars, will require sustained cooperation
between the government and private innovators, and we are already working in this

“Over the next two years private companies for the first time send
astronauts on the International space station. The next step would be going beyond the orbit
Of the earth. I am pleased to announce that we are working with our business partners
on the creation of new habitats, which the astronauts during their
long missions in deep space will be able to use as
transshipment points.” “These missions will show us whether human life away from Earth is what we need for the long journey to Mars,” said Obama.

According to him, private companies carry out more than one third of space launches in the country. “Over thousands of companies in almost all 50 States, working on private initiatives in the space sector,” writes Obama.

This article summarizes the activities of Barack Obama in the post
the President, noting his contribution to the development of science. The White house writes that the US won the space race thanks
technological and medical advances and inspired a new generation
scientists and engineers.

“It’s one of the reasons I vowed in his first speech
in the position of President of the United States to return to science a place owned by her
law”, – he reminded. Obama spoke about investments in
basic research, to accelerate space program
exploration of the Solar system and the Universe, the rebirth of innovation
technologies NASA, the extension of the International space
station. “We helped American companies to create new jobs
places, earning the untapped potential of the space
industry,” writes Obama.

The article ends: “someday, I hope to raise their grandchildren
on the shoulders. We will look at the stars with wonder, as well as the people
for centuries. But instead of waiting for the return of our brave
researchers, we know that they flew into space not just
to visit and to stay there and thus make our lives better
here on Earth”.

On Thursday this week leading scientists, engineers and inventors USA
will gather in Pittsburgh for an academic conference, organized by the White house in collaboration with the Universities of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon. There will be Obama, says NBC News. Scientists will discuss the prospects of the space program.

Today’s announcement on the Mars mission done the next day
after the publication of the study showed that astronauts in
the long journey to Mars at risk to
brain damage from cosmic radiation.

“Our data provide further evidence that the journey
in deep space poses a real threat to the integrity of neural
circuits in the brain,” – said in a report published
journal of the Scientific

Obama previously said about the flight to Mars. For the first time he had made this
the task in 2010 in his speech at the space center Kennedy on
Cape Canaveral, presenting
new the US space program. Then he called the same time deliver people to Mars: “First, for the first time in history we will deliver astronauts to the asteroid, and by the mid 30-ies, I’m sure we will be able to deliver people to orbit Mars and safely return them to Earth and then carried out a landing on Mars,” said the President.

Private companies referred to earlier. In late September, the founder of the American company SpaceX Elon Musk, speaking at a Congress of the International Astronautical Federation, presented a plan for a manned trip to Mars planned in the next decade.

Obama spoke about the upcoming 2030-th year expedition to Mars 12.10.2016

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