The rapid start of operations of the Armed forces in Syria against militants of banned in the Russian Federation the terrorist group “Islamic state”, gave rise to a huge number of publications in the Western press, where commentators are trying to figure out the true intentions of President Vladimir Putin and to predict possible developments in the region after the intervention of Moscow in the conflict.

The media differ in assessing Russia’s actions in the middle East. While El Pais urged to perceive Russia airstrikes on militant positions “positively, but with caution,” the Explorer channel Fox News Ralph Peters in an article for The New York Post suggests that the bombing in Syria, Putin wants to humiliate the American leader Barack Obama, and then blackmail the West, offering a choice between keeping in power the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad or to put up with the IG.

A review of articles in the Western press called “the Rough work in Syria will make snooty “Russian king” on Thursday leads InoPressa.

The effects of RF interference in the Syrian conflict can be very poor, according to some commentators and senior officials. Russian bombing will provoke the IRE of the Sunni fundamentalists, warns the American political analyst Daniel pipes in an interview with La Stampa. The escalation of the Syrian conflict, which will inevitably follow the actions of the Russian Federation, said yesterday and the head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter, who has accused Russia in “putting out the fire with gasoline” and called on Syria doomed to failure (the text of the speech of the Minister can be found on the website of the Ministry of defense).

The arbitrariness of the “unbearable” Putin, pretending to be a “fighter against evil”

In a time when even the world leaders hardly understand that will result in the accession of Moscow to the operation against ISIS, in particular, will any of the sides, parallel to fighting with militants in ground offensive, made some experts “arbitrariness” of Putin in fact is a logical continuation of the disastrous Western policy in the middle East, indicates Der Spiegel.

In the opinion of the Explorer edition of the white Medic, although many “reflex resent the fact how unbearable this Putin, with his arbitrary”, it may not lead to anything. As Moscow engaged in a theater of war, which in the West are afraid and don’t want “to really get her hands dirty” by participating in it, indicates the author of the article. In the past the West has not justified calculating the costly military campaigns in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, and Putin is now “fills this vacuum, stiletoes under fighter against evil”, the article says.

While the United States have no choice but to resent the fact that Russia started bombing without coordination with Washington, as stated by the head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter and Secretary of state John Kerry. Oil was added to the fire of press reports that Russian bombs were dropped North of the city of HOMS, where almost none of the militants of the IG.

In Moscow insist on the fact that, first, targets were agreed with the Syrian government, and secondly, note that in the region there are other terrorist groups besides ISIS. Western experts have expressed concerns that under the Russian terrorists means fighting with Assad opposition, prepared by the Washington. This means that Russia and the US can engage in open confrontation, defending his approach to this issue.

“Strange and risky” campaign, which threatens becoming mired in the “swamp”

El Pais, commenting the latest developments on the Syrian front, wrote that, although, of course, Russia should play a major role in resolving the conflict in the region, should not give carte Blanche to Putin to support dictatorships or the adoption of unilateral decisions. The publication also notes that the merit of Putin in resolving the Syrian conflict should not overlap the responsibility of Moscow for “annexation” of Crimea and the war in the Donbass. However, Washington has assured that because of Syria, nothing will change in the U.S. approach imposed on Russia sanctions over Ukraine. This was stated by the head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter.

While some commentators still hopes that Moscow can play a decisive role in Syria, an American political analyst Daniel pipes in an interview with La Stampa warns that the military campaign launched by the Russian Federation in Syria, “strange and risky”. According to orientalist, Russia can become the main enemy of Sunni extremism in the region, and also encounter internal wave of Islamic fundamentalism and to be involved in a war with the resistance movement in Syria is “difficult adjustable in the conflict, in a kind of swamp”.

Offended Obama in a “wet diaper”: “But Vladimir, you promised!”

Explorer channel Fox News Ralph Peters in an article for The New York Post blames what is happening in Syria indecisive Obama. However, he was sure that Putin is not only important to defeat the opponent but to humiliate him. “May what he is doing, disgusting, and his manners are too rough for the Upper West side, but this guy is a natural phenomenon, man, which is an effort of will turned ruined the country and its rusty army into an instrument of changing the world,” writes the author of the article, ironically noting that while Putin decides the fate of the world, “the surprised President” Obama “sulking like a high school girl who’s been abandoned by the boyfriend (“But Vladimir, you promised!”)”.

According to Peters, in the short term, Putin’s task is to save the Assad regime and destroy the entire opposition, except the IG, and then to blackmail the international community a choice: either Assad or ISIS.

Meanwhile as Putin’s far-reaching goals the author believes the creation of such situations in the middle East and Ukraine, “the next American President lost, not even sitting in a chair”. “In the long term Putin plans to restore the greatness of Russia and the glory of the best days of the tsarist regime,” – said Peters.

Obama had a journalist there is no hope – according to him, his indecisive policy has led to the fact that the United States in the middle East “nobody believes”, “nobody respects and nobody is afraid.” According to the author, in confrontation with Putin, Obama will not join for the simple reason – he is afraid of Putin, “physically, tangibly, to wet diapers”. “We have no President – instead we have a scared child who watches a horror film himself and closes his eyes. And Putin knows about it”, is resorting to biting the figurative comparison, sums up Peters.

Peters does not agree with the thesis that Russia allegedly gets stuck in the Syrian “swamp”, as it happened in Afghanistan during the Soviet era. Unlike Obama Putin is able to learn from their mistakes, no doubt a journalist.

Finally, Bloomberg View in his comments in another aspect of the Syrian issue. With reference to “retired American officials” and experts on international law publication sets out a questionable (given the recognition by world leaders of the Russian Federation law on the bombing in Syria) perspective, according to which the open assistance of the government of the Russian criminal regime of Assad may be the reason for the involvement of Russian officials headed by Putin to trial for “aiding war crimes”.

Obama’s humiliation, blackmail or rough work “Russian Tsar”: the media guessing about the motives behind Putin’s actions in Syria 01.10.2015

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