The Minister of education Olga Vasilieva told about how it will change the final exam for students in the coming years. Literature will be the first subject where all jobs are creative with detailed answer, but the direction of the development of the exam and other items, she said in an interview with REN TV.

She stressed that the changes will not begin in the current academic year and next. “The specialists of the Institute FIPI developed a promising model exam in literature, which again, will be in the next academic year. What is the fundamental difference between what is, and between what we now have in the schools there? First of all, it is the subject, the only subject which will only creative tasks with detailed answer”, – said the Minister.

According to her, in the exam for literature will be three units, and they will be creative, without the ability to choose the correct answer. The first two blocks is a literary and comparative visual analysis, and the third is the extended essay. Those will offer more: five instead of three.

The overall objective of the reform she called getting rid of test tasks. “I can say that has long been excluded assignments where students chose one of four suggested answers. In literature we removed in 2008 and in mathematics in 2010. As for the Russian language – is 2015 the year. With regard to social Sciences, history, geography, science – 2016 year. Physics, chemistry, biology – it will go to 17-th year, i.e. this academic year,” she said.

In addition, the Minister announced that in 2017 11-graders will have to pass screening tests, and in all subjects. “Do not be afraid, because school writing verification work each year. Just this year it will be in a single day. It will be a single task”.

According to Vasilyeva, a wide range of tests will allow to overshadow the practice of “cramming” – “when on turning a blind eye, if only to pass the same exam that are selected.” “If you had studied throughout his school life, there is no such fear before taking the exam. And while you have the mandatory basic minimum. You took those things you had to go through. And you have any of these items will be reduced to the verification work,” she explained.

As reminds RBC, previously Rosobrnadzor reported on the development of a model exam. The head of Department Sergey Kravtsov also pointed out that it is important to move “completely to the creative jobs that best assess the creative abilities of students.”

Of the exam in literature will remove the test part 29.10.2016

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