About 240 migrants have died 2 November 2016 off the coast of Libya in the crash of two inflatable boats with refugees. The bodies of many victims have not been found so far. The number of victims specified.

As reported by BBC with reference to the press-Secretary of the UN Agency for refugees, Carlotta Sami, about the crash, the Agency said survivors washed up on the shore of the Italian island of Lampedusa.

According to TASS, immediately after receiving the distress signal, despite the four-point storm in the Strait of Sicily was carried out rescue operation. 29 people were rescued. Most of them come from Guinea. Last night rescuers brought them to Lampedusa. The result of the operation, they found 12 bodies.

The Guardian says that two women, chosen by the rescuers at sea, said that the crash only one of the boats killed 120 people.

In just 2016 way from Africa to Europe through the Mediterranean sea covered almost 330 thousand workers, compared to more than a million in 2015.

Flavio Di Giacomo, the representative of the International organization for migration at the United Nations, which was established in 1951 for controlling the flows of migrants after the Second world war, said that in October 2016, the number of arrivals in Italy, migrants made up 27 388 people – more than in the same periods in 2014 and 2015 combined.

He explained this by the fact that many migrants fear that soon all rescued in the Mediterranean sea will not send to Italy, as it is now, and in Libya. The alleged smugglers, who are now cashing in on the migrant flows, say in the refugees, referring to the plans of the Europeans to engage in the training of coastguard and Libyan Navy.

Recall, November 3, morning magazine “Evromag” reported that Amnesty International poll of more than 170 refugees said that the Italian police use violence against migrants in reception centers on the border: the beat, using electric shocks, sexually harassing to them. Later Agency “Interfax” reported that the European Commission has not confirmed the facts of the brutal treatment of refugees in Italy. “In Italy at registration centers
immigrants and refugees cooperation of the Italian authorities,
non-governmental organizations and agencies of the EU are carried out in such
way that check and receive a fingerprint occur in
full compliance with all national, international and
fundamental rights,” – said the official representative
The European Commission Natasha Berto.

Off the coast of Libya killed about 240 of African migrants who crossed the Mediterranean sea in inflatable boats 03.11.2016

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