Men’s technical Committee of the International gymnastics Federation (FIG) decided to prohibit athletes to perform a new kind of vault, invented and first performed at the Olympic games in 2016 Ukrainian athlete Igor Radivilov, reports TASS, citing the press service of the International gymnastics Federation.

FIG included in the program of Olympic games-2016 in Rio de Janeiro, five new items. For example, one vault was named in honor of the prizer of the Olympic games and world Championships the Ukrainian gymnast Radivilova – The Radivilov.

Reception marks face forward, starting from the reference bridge. The athlete needs to do a triple somersault in the air before landing.

Radivilov showed this jump in the Olympic final of the exercises on separate shells and then took only the eighth place, failing to clear land. However, as believed by many experts, despite the entertainment, jump The Radivilov fraught with serious injuries.

“The decision was made to ban triple flip (forward or backwards) in the period from 2017 to 2020″, – said the press service of FIG.

At the 2012 Olympic games Radivilov won the vault bronze medal. At the world championship 2014 in China, he was at the same shell a second.

Officials banned carry item, which is named after the Ukrainian gymnast 19.11.2016

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