The scandalous story happened in St. Petersburg, where local officials reported to inhabitants about the done road repair, confirming that the photos retouched in photoshop.

On October 31, the administration of Primorsky district of the city in response to a complaint by a local resident about the appalling state of the road from the pedestrian crossing over the Primorskoe shosse to the intersection of the street Furniture and Ski lane reportedthat the repair coating sidewalks done.

In confirmation of the officials have provided photographs showing the new asphalt track. However, no repairs were not carried out, and the track remained in the same form.

In the end, the administration explained that the retouched photo report about the completion of repair of the footpaths appeared on the city’s Internet portal by mistake, reports radio “Baltika”.

“Specialist owing to the heavy workload in response to the appeal mistakenly posted on the portal sketches from pre-design works”, – told the radio station on 3 November, the press Secretary of Primorsky district administration Kirill Kravchenko. – They were developed by one of the companies to understand what can be done at this point. And it is based on images with graphic programs has shown that this place can accommodate a paved track.”

The incident began an internal review, said Zakrevsky. According to the administration of Primorsky district, this year the site, with a pedestrian path included in the targeted programme of improvement, however, later experts have established that before the repair it is necessary to conduct additional pre-work because of the heating main underground, which was designed by the sketches of the project.

It is worth noting that Moscow officials earlier repeatedly convicted in solving problems of Muscovites with the help of photoshop.

Officials in St. Petersburg explained about the roads “repaired” in photoshop 03.11.2016

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