The officials will be easier to deal with “salaries in envelopes” if they have access to a database of personal data of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR). The government asks officials to have such access, reports RBC.

The Federal service for labour and employment (Rostrud) had previously created for legalization of shadow labor market, the operational headquarters and the interagency Commission in the regions and municipalities working groups. All of them in 2015-2016 found nearly 4 million people who are in “illegal labor relationship” with employers.

It was found that the municipal authorities do not have access to the FIU database, which stores personal data of Russian citizens, including data on employment.

Information about illegal workers, as described last week in the state Duma Deputy Dmitry Peskov, is obtained in various ways: watching companies communicate with local offices of the Pension Fund, social insurance Fund, Tax authorities and employment services. To identifying and working unemployed has also engaged various law enforcement agencies.

In 2015, it was revealed to 2.27 million people working without labour contracts by October 1 this year and another 1.6 million people. However, only in 2016, brought to administrative responsibility almost 8.5 thousand companies and officials.

Of the of 3.87 million people, held in “illegal labor relationship” with employers, there are 3.55 million people are legalized, employers have concluded with them labour contracts.

Now the government is to facilitate the Stripping of the shadow labour market asks to access Federal and regional officials access to the databases of the Pension Fund and social insurance Fund, which holds personal data of Russian citizens.

However, consideration of the proposal in the Duma Committee on labor pending – lawmakers are concerned that access to personal information of Russians have a large group of officials, and we can not exclude the leakage of these data, for example, collectors.

Officials need access to the databases of the FIU to more effectively fight shadow labor market 10.10.2016

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