Every year on 25 November in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) celebrate day of recognition on a global level, the Yakut national epos Olonkho. On this day in 2005, UNESCO recognized the Olonkho a masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage of humanity. This day in the Republic is considered to be the beginning of revival of spiritual culture of the Sakha people.

From November 25 to December 5 in the Republic is held decade dedicated Olonkho. To perpetuate and popularize the epos in Yakutia hosts numerous events are being expeditions to different corners of the Republic in order to preserve the performance of the epic all areas of Yakutia, published numerous books, scientific and popular literature, the theme of Olonkho coverage in the media of the Republic, the Olonkho theatre tours throughout the country.

This year in the framework of the decade of Olonkho Yakut officials, had never performed the national epic, for the first time will act as olonkhosuts (narrators).

“One of the most important new developments in a series of traditional events of the decade of Olonkho will be a performance of epic leaders of the Ministry and cultural institutions of the region. The project will bring together lovers of the epic 3 in the center of spirituality yakutyan House of Archy in Yakutsk”, – stated in the message.

For the officials selected by the well-known epic in Yakutia of olonkhosut Valentina Isakova “Arbaca Bergen,” in about 45 minutes. The role of the author, will be performed by Isakov, the main role Aiyy Bohatyr (hero of Light Forces) went to the Deputy Minister of culture and spiritual development of the Republic Nikolai Makarov, keys Kuo (Beautiful maiden) – Zoe Strekalovsky, the teacher of the Arctic Institute of culture and arts.

Artists spent a month of rehearsals and preparations to reproduce the text of Olonkho in the traditional manner of the epic. The traditional performance of Olonkho contains original melodies, intonation and kylah (a special kind of throat singing).

Officials of the Ministry of culture of Yakutia in the framework of the decade of Olonkho will perform a 45-minute epics with throat singing 25.11.2016

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