Actor and Director Ivan Okhlobystin wrote a letter to the head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic (DNR) to grant him citizenship.

“Ivan Okhlobystin in Rostov, being on stage, wrote a letter to Alexander Vladimirovich Zakharchenko to grant him citizenship DND”, – said in his Facebook adviser to the head of the breakaway Republic, Aleksandr Kazakov.

The process of writing a statement, the actor supplied the there under the approval of the public, reports “the Notebook”. After this well-known writer and broadcaster, adviser to the head of the DNI Zakhar Prilepin presented Okhlobystin address from Alexander Zakharchenko. “Bless you, Lord. Rostov, I love you!” said future citizen of the DNI.

Cossacks also hinted that “it’s not the end of history.”

And, indeed, the story developed rapidly. In less than a day the party were already holding a passport of a citizen of the DNI.

As reports “news Donetsk Republic”, the head of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko handed over the passport the Donetsk national Republic Russian actor, screenwriter and Director Ivan Okhlobystin. The presentation of the document took place in Donetsk.

“Glory to the Donetsk people’s Republic, the Glory of the Russian world”, – said Ivan Okhlobystin, receiving a passport.

To the question about the reasons for the desire to become a citizen of the unrecognized Republic star of TV series “Interns”, he replied that he was “absolutely committed to the ideas of the Russian world”.

Ukraine in 2014 was denied entry into the country a number of Russian cultural figures, among which was called and Ivan Okhlobystin, a well-known anti-Ukrainian statements, for what Kiev and declared him persona non grata.

In October 2014, in his Twitter, the actor urged “to take Mariupol, Odessa and Kharkiv”, and also stated that such countries as Ukraine, “was not and never will“, and “should not exist in principle”.

In 2015, the Ministry of culture of Ukraine published a black list of cultural figures from Russia, which, in the opinion of the Ukrainian authorities, “endanger national security” of the country. Now it contains 83 name.

Okhlobystin has asked for the citizenship of the breakaway DNI because of the devotion to the idea of the Russian world. He already gave passport 30.11.2016

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