Soviet dissident and writer Vladimir Bukovsky wrote a reply Oleg Navalny, who is serving a sentence in prison in the case “Yves Rocher”, on his review of my book “And the wind returns”. Bukovsky was honored that his work is in demand and loved it, “today’s counterparts”. However, he acknowledged that he would like to see the day, “when the book finally will lose relevance, but apparently not destiny.”

Brother of opposition leader Alexei Navalny Oleg, was sentenced to three and a half years, his reviews have compared his stay in the prison with the prison experience Bukovsky, who spent 12 years in Soviet prisons and labor camps. During detention Navalny has repeatedly read, “And the wind returns” and found a lot of Parallels with what was described by the author of the work.

“Just say that the comparison is pure experience Bukovsky and my pointless. It’s like comparing the construction of the white sea canal with printing at home on a 3D printer. His “preventive beaten by people in civilian clothes,” external surveillance of the KGB, the endless deadlines, stages, transfers, prison, psychiatric hospitals, SHIZO, PKT, prison, hunger – and all this against the backdrop of uncompromising struggle with the machine of the totalitarian state in General and a Gulag in particular. I have the same kind of bizarre cross between a summer camp with a yellow house, which I really can not describe, because almost all the time sitting alone. By same time I have not serious, and not desigen else,” Navalny writes (spelling and punctuation of the author saved).

However, he finds similarities between prison staff who are engaged in educational work with prisoners 50 years ago and now. The description of the Bulk, they are “the same stupid and useless”. He notes that all their work is “meaningless in reproduction of the papers, and all the crowd of idlers can be replaced 200 hours of work of the programmer and the girl with the printer.

“I have to agree with Bukovsky, the bulk of the guards is quite ordinary people (except for individual subjects with the frankly warped mind and sadistic manners), the reasons to experience them personal hatred there, the work they do is not sugar, in fact they too are serving their sentences, only indefinitely. About themselves they say they’re cogs in a huge machine. Bukovsky says that the best of the guards do the order to shoot, z/K, will take the salute and execute, this property is, I think, does not depend on time,” he continues.

Navalny admits that unlike Bukowski, he never had to hide books in the recesses and in Soviet times, the struggle with literature in places not so remote wore ideological character. Now the Bulk, which human rights activists have long been recognized as a political prisoner, almost no problems with obtaining the necessary for studying and reading books, which, however, according to him, it is not like the management of a corrective colony N5, in which he is serving his sentence.

In his book “And the wind returns” Bukovsky in great detail described how political prisoners and common criminals daily sent thousands of complaints to radically change the statistics of local citizens and thus call “the Genie out of Moscow” in the shape of a fee reviewer.

Navalny, in turn, based on his personal experience, indicates that IR-5 such methods do not work. “I remember, during the stay in solitary confinement I once used the method of Bukovsky wrote to 30 complaints a day, and 2 to the Prosecutor General’s office, well, they just stupidly threw away. An effective methodology for dealing with complaints – just a letter can be thrown out, and never prove that it was, and precisely prescribed procedure of sending a registered letter doesn’t exist,” he explained.

In conclusion, Navalny concludes, drawing an analogy that “prison Bukovsky – is the Putin of the sample of a direct line of communication with the Russians in 2016, when he’s lounging on the bag of public money, in response to concerns, requests for Mat. help chuckling, featuring hand power-soothing gesture, and said, “don’t worry, the money is.”

“Jail Navalny, in his own opinion, comparable with Russian President Vladimir Putin of the sample of 31 December 1999, when the head of state, “sitting on the edge of the chair,” inconsistent congratulated the nation on the New year. “There is great difference between them? One side the abyss, on the other – the same beady eyes,” sums up the Bulk.

Bukovsky: in the past was tougher now – a complete outrage

In his response, the writer Vladimir Bukovsky writes that “flattered recently published an interesting and subtle reflections of Oleg Navalny, who used my book to compare contemporary Russian prison with our Soviet experience.” Soviet dissident recognizes, as did Bulk, and that 50 years ago in the prisons of the regime was much tougher.

On the other hand, “the regime itself, to grams and degrees, and any step taken by our captors, from torture to indulgences, were strictly regulated by decisions of the highest party authorities. Clever you, it’s silly, but any “golovka” specific convict carefully coordinated with the overall strategy of the world revolution. Now there was complete outrage,” writes Bukovsky.

According to the writer, forty-year evolution of the prison it reflects the evolution of the whole country: the regime has become a lot softer, but tyranny is much more. While Bukovsky called Bulk CSUN (family member of enemy of the people), implying the active opposition activities of his brother, Alexei Navalny. “Take family hostage have been a tactic GB in our time. By today’s standards – have something to sit people”, – he adds.

“Ultimately, all these details; the essence remains the same. In the USSR iniquity was justified by ideology in modern Russia – is not justified by anything. But the wickedness remains wickedness. While this is so, the main factor of our life remains for the mode in both senses of the word: the prison and state. About and read, and write that o – like forty years ago. I’d like to see the day when my book will finally lose relevance – but apparently, not destiny,” said Bukovsky.

Oleg Navalny, wrote a book review of dissident Bukovsky, and received a response from the author 01.10.2016

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