Omsk police revealed the cynical theft committed in the house mothers. While the woman was preparing to become a mother, her choice pawned appliances.

Criminal punishment for a 28-year-old resident of Omsk. Earlier it was already brought to criminal liability for robbery and robbery, reports the official site of regional UMVD.

The investigation began after the duty of the Soviet district appealed 24-year-old Omichka. She said that from her apartment on the street Lapteva missing washing machine. Damage was estimated in five thousand roubles.

“During the test, convicted of a crime by employees of criminal investigation established that the crime was committed by a cohabitant of the victim, reads a press release from police. At the time when the woman was in the maternity ward, the attacker passed the washing machine to the pawn shop for 1800 rubles.”

To date, kidnapped a woman of her civil spouse, the property was found and returned to its rightful owner.

A similar, though less curious crime uncovered employees of the city police Department N9. The duty of the inhabitant of the Central district. He said that
from the apartment along the street Zhukov’s unknown stole a laptop. The applicant assessed the damage in 15 thousand roubles.

According to the victim, on the day of the theft he drank alcohol with his 40-year-old friends.

The investigators found that the theft involved a drinking buddy. When the owner of the laptop went to sleep, the attacker stole a laptop computer, and then sold it to a passerby for a thousand rubles.

The suspect, who lives in the Soviet district and has previously brought to criminal responsibility, was detained. “Currently, police are searching for stolen property,” added the Ministry of internal Affairs.

On both facts criminal cases under part 2 of article 158 of the criminal code “Theft committed with causing significant damage to the citizen”). The suspect faces a sentence of five years imprisonment.

Pensioner robbed at the little window in the Bank

Another robbery was committed on 14 November, the Bank, located at Zaozernaya street, Omsk. There is an intruder audaciously robbed a 78-year-old woman.

In a survey of the pensioner, the police learned that she filmed 3100 rubles from the account and, together with the documents left them on the counter next to the window operator. When he returned, the woman found no passport, no money.

Employees of the mobile platoon of the battalion N1 N4 PPS regiment UMVD across the Omsk senior Lieutenant of police Vladimir Kharitonov and senior police Sergeant Wilden of Carwardine first arrived on the scene. Interviewing the Bank employees and clients, who was in the room, they learned that immediately after the victim in the same window is approached by a young man.

“After receiving information about the identity of the suspect and his signs, the police went to inspect the nearby yards and places of possible occurrence of the kidnapper”, – stated in the message of Ministry of internal Affairs. In the end the suspect was found and arrested at home on Municipal street.

During the interrogation, 23-year-old resident of Omsk admitted that the passport of the victim, he threw out on the street, and money spent for personal needs.

Employees of the police Department N7 for Omsk initiated a criminal case under part 1 St. 158 criminal code (“Theft”). The young man faces a maximum penalty of two years imprisonment.

Finally, in Kolosovska district of the Omsk region for theft, was detained 44-the summer man who was previously convicted for property crimes.

It is established that on 14 November, the offender was invited to her house 59-the summer man. Then the criminal has volunteered to have. While walking, the attacker “pulled a wallet from the jacket pocket of the victim, and in the morning on laundering funds acquired clothes.”

The next day, a friend of the offender had noticed the loss of a purse with money and Bank card. In addition, his cellphone received a message about the withdrawal of funds from the account. Because the password for transactions on the card were in the wallet of the victim, the attacker was not difficult to acquire cash.

Damage from theft was estimated at 19 200 rubles.

The investigators found that the attacker withdrew money at the ATM located in the building of a supermarket. At the scene worked as a cynologist with a guard dog, which took the trail that led police to the place where the thief threw away the map. “After reviewing records from CCTV cameras installed in the store, police learned previously convicted for property crimes suspect”, – noted in UMVD.

After the arrest of a felon he had bought with the stolen money thing and the rest of 6200 rubles.

A criminal case was opened under part 2 of article 158 of the criminal code.

Omich robbed the apartment of a mistress, until she was lying in the hospital 16.11.2016

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