The Omsk region court has sentenced four police officers who were found guilty of torturing detainees. The guards demanded that the victims incriminated himself and confessed the murder.

The defendants were employees OMVD Russia in the Pavlograd area of the Omsk region, Rustam Akhmetov, Vladislav Bogomolov, Yuri deezer and Eugene Dubovikov. Akhmetov of the Russian Themis has appointed five-year term of imprisonment, and Bogomolov and deezer received four years and two months. Dubovikova was awarded 3.5 years of imprisonment. But all these terms are conditional with a trial period of two to four years, according to the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

It is established that on January 17, 2015 the senior precinct police OMVD Russia in the Pavlograd area Akhmetov jointly with the chief of district criminal investigation Department Bogomolov, a senior security officer by Dubovikov and the inspector-cynologist of Disera to investigate the murder of an elderly villager. Police detained three residents of the village South at the age of 23, 26 and 30 years, after which struck them with a Taser to the head and body.

The detainee “was caused by bodily injury, not resulting harm, as well as physical pain and suffering,” said the investigative Agency.

Seeking men confessions, the police illegally detained them in the police Department within a few days. Eventually one of the villagers “agreed to confess to committing several thefts”. The detainees were released only after 4-7 days.

In the RF IC noted that the police acted “from is false understood interests of service” and violated the RF law “On police”.

“As a result of these criminal acts were substantially violated legally protected rights of citizens and the interests of society and the state, undermine the credibility of employees of internal Affairs bodies of the Russian Federation and diminished their credibility as representatives of the authorities”, – stated in a press release.

A criminal case was initiated on the materials presented to CFP’s own security AMIA Russia’s Omsk region. After excitation of criminal case police officers were suspended from their posts.

The guards were charged with paragraph “a”, “b” part 3 article 286 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Excess of powers of office with application of violence and special means”). They were threatened with a 10-year term of imprisonment.

The defendant’s guilt or not guilty.

Omsk police officers who tortured detainees, escaped with probation 26.10.2016

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