“Romantic” pervert from Omsk raped the girl and left her the number for my cell phone. He hoped that the victim will want to continue the relationship, but instead of the girls room used by the police.

25-year-old Omichka in three hours at night came home after a date. This took advantage of the attacker. A resident of the lyubinskiy district area dragged the girl into bushes and threatened to wring his neck, according to “Antenna 7″.

The man raped the victim and then offered to exchange phone numbers. After that, the victim rushed to the police, and the rapist – to the grandmother, which was staying. After the detention he said that he went on a crime to be comforted – the day before it was robbed.

“He came to town to visit his grandma. Before he stole the phone he contacted the police, the phone was never found, he is a sad, sad walked down the street of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and, seeing the girl, decided to make with it actions of sexual character. Supposedly she liked him. After committing the crime, he fled,” – leads edition of the words of the head of Department of criminalistics of regional Department of the TFR of Ivan Kozlov.

Now the young man opened the prospect of finding solace in the colony over the next six years.

Omsk rapist fell in love with his victim and left her his phone number 21.10.2016

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