In Omsk roofers climbed to a 12-story building on crossing of streets of Marshal Zhukov and Vladimir Mayakovsky, which are investigatory management of investigatory Committee on the Omsk region and the Bank “VTB 24″, and made it a photo shoot, reports news Agency “Omsk here”.

In the group of “Roofers Omsk” the social network “Vkontakte” appeared the video of the conquerors of the roof that uploaded on YouTube on August 7.

A video the group posted a user with the nickname Evgeny Trushin, who was photographed via the Bank closed with a scarf person. The movie named “Bank VTB 24. Omsk. An indication of the fact that in the same house 101/1 on the street of Marshal Zhukov is the Department of insurance, is missing, but it drew the attention of local media.

As noted by the online edition БК55, still famous as one of the achievements of the local roofers have been climbing on Omsk TV tower and conquer the 95-meter-high factory chimney.

Across the country the most notorious case was “the case of roofers” 2014 about painting the star on the Stalinist skyscraper in Moscow in colors of Ukrainian flag. It was discussed in St. Petersburg refer Vladimir undercuts, which held on the roof of the building of the Kyiv rufer Paul Uchiza, who took responsibility for the action.

Of usever delay was not possible, instead tried to blame the four parachutists (base jumpers) who were detained in late August 2014, after the incident, but was acquitted, and now they demand the Finance Ministry, more than three million rubles compensation for unreasonable bringing to criminal liability.

Omsk roofers conquered the roof of the Investigative Committee (VIDEO) 10.08.2016

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