A group of scientists led by the head of the Omsk planetarium Vladimir Krupko returned from an expedition in the Pavlograd area of the Omsk region, gathering indisputable evidence of the local 12-year-old schoolboy paranormal abilities. In the presence of the boy in front of parents, teachers and classmates, moving furniture and strange sounds occur.

The commentary site “Omsk here” Krupko noted that this is not the first case when children happen unusual things.

“Children in puberty often appear ability to change the space around them. There is nothing unusual – after a while it passes. Yesterday, we witnessed a similar phenomena when a boy was moving furniture, and published different sounds. We saw a meter away from the teenager fell to the chair, and when Daniel was standing next to the teacher behind her back and began to fly bench” – said the astronomer.

According to him, Omsk fifth-grader with superpowers “calm, like Chuck Norris”, while other children can cry from fear, when their eyes there is something that they can’t explain.

Vladimir Krupko assured that the scientists recorded the fact unusual phenomenon, and added that final conclusions will be made after they studied the pictures and videos taken at school.

Website NGS notes that the unusual phenomenon with fifth-grader from Pavlograd district began to happen two months ago, moving furniture, falling objects, rise and fall tables, beats porcelain or, for example, the lid from the toilet tank. Student does not know how to control things, everything happens by itself.

“From people nobody has suffered. Only one child was hit on the head opened the shutter door” – said the scientist in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.
The events brought grains for the idea of holding in the Omsk planetarium lectures on poltergeists phenomena among adolescents is especially important, given that in the Omsk region it is not the first teenager with paranormal abilities.

Available Omsk astronomer there are descriptions of similar cases that have occurred in the region with three boys and two girls. One of the stories which interested the scientist, happened in 2011 with a schoolgirl, who lived in the apartment with father. Paranormal activity was so strong that the house was broken literally everything. “The story ended very sad. The girl was taken away from the family to the orphanage, because I decided: this dad can’t provide for her living conditions,” – says Krupko.

That’s why parents of Daniel from Pavlograd school refused to communicate with journalists – don’t want the child unnecessary glory. Moreover, scientists promise that in a few weeks the paranormal stop – judging from the observations, they last about three months.

We will remind, two years ago, the media became interested in Kolya Kruglyachenko of the Omsk region after the shock turned into a living magnet and learned how to draw metal objects. Recently about a boy who dreamed to go to Hollywood and starred in blockbusters, can’t hear anything.

Omsk scientists have documented the abilities of a fifth grader telekinesis 23.11.2016

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