In Australia, the theological debate turned into a massacre: clashed two representatives of Islam: journalist Muhammad al-Giti and the mufti of a mosque in Sydney, Mustafa Rashid, informs IslamNews.

The incident occurred in a live satellite channel LTC. Both men were the guests of the shows, but the dialogue between them are not explicitly mentioned. First they started yelling at each other and then started a fight.

During the clashes, al-Giti demonstrated good combat training. He “armed” the laid-off foot Shoe and inflict the blows to the head of his opponent.

Fortunately, the battle did not last long. Soon the fighters were separated by the channel staff were in the Studio.

All the fight lasted several minutes. The recording of the incident was posted on September 26 on the page of the TV channel in Facebook. Two days on the social network video gathered more than 30 thousand views on YouTube and more than 170 thousand

Why the conflict occurred, is unknown. IslamNews suggests that the journalist Muhammad al-Giti went with the cleric on theological issues.

In particular, the cause of the battering could be the scandalous statements made by Rashid. So, in December 2014, he was the center of attention of the Australian press after he declared that issued a fatwa authorizing Muslims to drink alcohol.

According to him, the Quran contains “the prohibition of drunkenness, not alcohol itself. “For this fatwa personally, I answer,” said Rashid in an interview to the Egyptian channel Al-Tahrir.

On Australian TV the mufti, to allow Muslims to drink alcohol, got a boot in the head (VIDEO) 28.09.2016

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