The police of the Krasnodar territory opened a criminal case concerning 21-the summer inhabitant of farm Bashiok, who is suspected of theft and theft of auto accessories, reports the official website of the regional GU the Ministry of internal Affairs. The prey became the attacker, in particular a seat for transportation of children. On offense the man went out on the joys of giving birth.

The investigation began after in another part of the Department of the interior Ministry in Vyselkovsky area the local addressed. He reported that a man was siphoning gasoline from the tank of his car.

“Arrived on a scene employees of private security have detained the malefactor red-handed”, – said in a press release. And it was 21-year-old farmers, which during the test, the suspect in the other crimes.

“According to preliminary data, about three o’clock in the morning, the suspect, being in an alcohol intoxication, decided to visit his wife with a newborn in the hospital,” – noted in police. To get to the village, a young father drunk stole the car of his friend.

On the way you run out of fuel. Then the attacker have leaked about 25 gallons of gasoline from parked near another household car VAZ-2106. The thief also stole from salon baby car seat, tools, spare wheel, battery and the radio. The damage from his actions, the victim was estimated at 16 thousand rubles.

“At the moment the stolen property and the vehicle returned to its owners,” – said in MOI.

The actions of the suspect are qualified under part 2 of article 158 (“Theft committed with causing significant damage to the citizen”) and part 1 of article 166 (“Illegal occupation of automobile or other vehicle without the plunder purpose”) of the criminal code.

Like a curious crime is committed in the Stavropol region. There’s a man stole a car not from joy, but from grief. Another vehicle took him to pull out of the ditch behind his own car.

Found that 42-year-old resident of the village of Suvorovskaya foothill area, being in an alcohol intoxication, has not coped with management of the car, pulled over and got stuck. The man left the car and went to look for help.

Entering the courtyard of one of households, Stanichno saw the car left in the ignition key, transfers STRC “Stavropol”. Then he stole someone else’s car to pull his Audi out of the ditch.

The owner of the stolen vehicle went to the police. “During the carried-out actions the staff of patrol officers in hot pursuit detained a suspect,” – said in MOI.

Earlier, the hijacker had already been deprived of the right of control of the vehicle. Against him opened a criminal case, reports the official site GU the Ministry of internal Affairs of Stavropol territory.

In Sochi, the man stole a car to go on a date

Another theft committed by a strange motifs discovered by the police of the Adler district of Krasnodar region. There law enforcement authorities asked the owner of the car VAZ-2109.

“The victim explained that on the evening parked the car near the house, and in the morning not found”, – told in regional GU the Ministry of internal Affairs.

On a scene I left it is investigative-task force. During the inspection of Parking vehicles, the police found and seized a broken glass. According to the preliminary version, the malefactor got into the car, breaking the glass of the rear door. Then he hacked into the ignition, started the engine and drove away.

“Orientation to the vehicle was given to all on duty police squads. As a result quickly-investigation actions employees of criminal investigation the car was found abandoned on the streets of the city,” – said in MOI.

During examination of the vehicle interior experts-criminalists were seized and sent for examination to the fingerprints and the chunks of matter, presumably left by the attacker. The examination had established the identity of the suspect. It was the 20-year-old local resident, who was detained at his place of residence.

He told police that he stole a car, “to go on a date with a girl.”

Detainee charged with article 166 (“Illegal occupation of automobile or other vehicle without the plunder purpose”) of the criminal code. It is threatened by punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for a term up to five years.

On Kuban the man, preparing to return to his wife from the hospital, stole the child seat and stole the car 16.03.2016

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