Dead whale found on the coast of the southern Kuril island of Kunashir. The body of the sea mammal was lying on the Cape Peninsula Paddle on Weslowski from the Pacific ocean in the surf zone, reported on the website of reserve “Kuril”, whose staff visited the place of discovery and took tissue samples of the whale for genetic research specialists.

Obviously Keith died recently, because traces of eating other animals his entire body, the report says. Reserve staff determined that it and the beaked whales (Berardius bairdii), the family luvaridae, the suborder of toothed whales. Its body length is made up of eight meters, the circumference of the torso in the chest area about three.

And the floaters is rather small. These whales live in the open deep waters in the North Pacific ocean, the area stretches from the Japanese Islands to Gulf of Anadyr. Adults reach 12-13 meters in length. Keep groups of 5-20 individuals. Feed primarily on squid.

Finds dead marine mammals on the Kuril Islands are not uncommon, noted in the reserve for 27 years until 2011, was found dead 11 cetaceans of the four families – whales, masalamovies, cluburile, Dolphin, and in 2012-2015 recorded emissions on the coast of the five species of cetaceans, including one North of driftwood.

Why whales and other marine mammals are thrown on shore is not known. However, Sakhalin people regularly come to the aid of whales caught in a quandary.

On Kuril island Kunashir found a dead whale (PHOTO) 20.10.2016

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