On the red square in Moscow Monday, November 7, at 10:00 began a solemn March, dedicated to the 75 anniversary of the legendary parade of 1941. Broadcast live from the scene led to the YouTube channel of Russia Today, as well as the website “Window to the city”, transmitting video from three cameras.

During a solemn March was observed with honorary seats in the stands veterans, reports TASS. Among them were the participants of the parade on 7 November 1941, now living in the capital.

The ceremony began with the chiming clock and the song “Holy war”, written in the year of the beginning of the great Patriotic war. The soldiers carried the banners of units defending the capital 75 years ago. Then through calculations in the form of those years, a column of “militia” and the cavalry in historical costumes.

During the March, which took place in the capital for the 14th time, on the cobblestones of the main square of the country marched over five thousand people, according to the Agency urban news “Moscow”. Including the opening ceremony was attended by the cavalry group of the presidential regiment FSO of Russia, the military units and formations, military educational institutions of the Ministry of defense of Russia in the historical mouth, and pupils of the Moscow Suvorov Moscow military music schools and cadet ceremonial calculations from Federal agencies and educational organizations of Moscow, the honor guard presented the three types of Armed forces and the combined military orchestra of the Moscow garrison.

The parade involved more than 40 units of military equipment, reports “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. Including polutoratonny trucks, T-34 tanks and the legendary “Katyusha”.

After the March on red square will host a Museum under the open sky, which will run until 17:00. Everyone will be able to see the military equipment, participated in the ceremony.

Before the parade, the ceremony of laying wreaths and flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the Alexander garden. The mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin laid at the memorial to red carnations, informs “Evening Moscow”.

In the Soviet Union, November 7 was celebrated the anniversary of the October revolution of 1917, which in this day in red square there were military parades. The last such ceremony was held in 1990.

In Russia November 7 was the Day of military glory. In 2000 this day in red square for the first time held a solemn March of veterans of the November 1941 parade.

November 7, 1941, the day of the 24th anniversary of the October revolution, Moscow was under siege, the Nazis were a few dozen kilometers from the capital. It was on this day Hitler planned capture of Moscow and solemn passage of German troops through red square.

The parade was held to strengthen the morale of the Soviet troops. 20 thousand soldiers and officers, assembled mostly from parts that came to the aid of Moscow, passing on the cobblestones of the main square, went straight to the front.

The victory of the Soviet troops in the battle of Moscow marked the beginning of future victories of the red Army in the great Patriotic war. Parade of 1941 in terms of impact on the course of events of the war historians consider the most important operation. Of the participants of this parade survived 65 people.

On red square held a March in honor of the anniversary parade of November 7, 1941 07.11.2016

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