Investigators Sakhalin region opened a criminal case on the fact of killing a man during a booze. According to preliminary data, the murderer and his victim had used detergent “Pussy”, which is not the first time appears in a local criminal chronicle.

Criminal punishment for a 65-year-old resident of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, reports the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

According to investigators, the evening of 2 October 2016, the suspect was found with 54-year-old local resident shop around and invited him along to drink alcohol. “Buying a cleaner Planet, they went to the suspect home. During the drinking of the tool between the guest and the landlord had a quarrel,” – said in a press release.

During the conflict, the owner took a knife and stabbed them with a single blow to the abdomen of the guest. Then the perpetrator of the stabbing went to bed. “Waking up in the morning, the suspect found the man dead,” – said in the Department of the RF IC.

Investigators have classified the incident under part 1 of article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder”).

In April 2016 Sakhalin investigators reported a similar crime, which also resulted in the ingestion of detergent Fluffy. Then in the house on the street of Victory in Poronajsk 38-year-old member of the “hygienic” libations stabbed three people at once.

We will add that in a trading network there are different types of cleaning products with affectionate name “Fluffy”. It is therefore not clear what specific fluid is used murderers and their victims to enjoy together. For example, they can buy a conditioner for baby clothes, or even shampoo for cats and dogs.

On the background of the economic crisis in Russia falling of sales of alcohol, but twice since the beginning of the year increased sales moonshine stills. This indicates the increasing demand for surrogate alcoholic products.

However, even in the prosperous “zero” years, the experts called the abuse of alcohol as one of the main causes of extinction of Russians.

According to doctors, not less than 500 thousand “cores” per year (about every second) die from alcohol overdose, most of these people before in on health did not complain. While the victims etched high-quality alcohol, consumed to excess, talking about surrogates was not.

In addition, about 80% of all murders occurred against a backdrop of booze.

In the pursuit of cheap alcohol, many Russians have moved from legal products on “funparty and cikaniki”. So-called alcohol-containing liquid, which is dispensed in vials and bottles. For example, increased demand is hair tonic “Honey” and tincture of hawthorn.

In Kaluga was installed even street vending machines boyarki, who worked around the clock. Use it to buy alcohol could. However, after the outbreak of the scandal machine was dismantled.

On Sakhalin retired, ingesting cleaning “Fluffy”, stabbed a drinking buddy 06.10.2016

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