A young resident of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk brutally murdered by the lover of his mother during a drunken argument. The body of a 55-year-old man found in his apartment on Pobedy Avenue with the external signs of violent death. On this fact opened a criminal case under part 1 article 105 (“Murder”) the criminal code of the Russian Federation. On suspicion in Commission of this crime detained previously convicted 26-year-old local resident, according to the regional Investigative Committee.

According to investigators, the detainee lived with his mother, met a man who had become aggressive in a state of alcoholic intoxication and beaten the mistress, and sometimes threatened her with a knife. Despite this, the woman continued to meet with him and pay his utility bills.

Pissed off with all these circumstances, the woman’s son went to talk to violent gigolo to his home, taking alcohol. However, during joint drinking of lover’s mother swore to insult her and relatives of the guest.

He struck the landlord, from which he fell to the floor. After that the young man repeatedly hit his opponent with a mug on his head, and then struck him six times with a knife on different parts of the body, the report said.

On Sakhalin son killed aggressive lover mother a mug and a knife 17.05.2017

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