The state Duma of the Russian Federation, taking on the eve of the bill expanding the powers of the FSB, spent on the procedure is no more than ten minutes. The Communist faction did not participate in the vote, and opposed by only two deputies-just Russia, reports “Kommersant”. The third reading of the document was supported by 343 the Deputy, two opposed, and one abstained.

Substantial amendments to the law “About Federal security service” was adopted in the second and third readings without discussion. The bill suddenly appeared on the agenda of the meeting of 22 December, on the proposal of the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on the safety of United Russia Ernest Valeev. As a result, in the law on FSB were introduced six new articles, which define in details how officers will have to use weapons, special means and physical force, the newspaper notes.

According to the amendments, the FSB no one must warn that will shoot, if “delay” the shot will create a “threat to life and health” of citizens, and also the employee of FSB.

In addition, employees of the FSB will be given the right to “use non-lethal weapons to prevent mass disorder”. So far, this function is performed only by the police.

In a “state of defense” employees of special services are now allowed to use “any means available” if they are “necessary special means or firearms”.
Cases and methods of “use of weapons” has been proposed in a separate article of the law on the FSB. A separate article also laid for the “use of force” and “use of physical force”. The use of “any available means” is not governed either by article or by stitching.
The second reading of the bill was added to the right of the FSB “to receive, consider, store, classify, use, disclose and destroy biometric data on the structure of the papillary patterns of fingers and palms of the human hands”. According to the document, a person can not warn about the fingerprinting, if they found “evidence indicating the possibility of inducement to terrorist activities, recruiting or otherwise engaging in terrorist activities”. The “list of signs”, and the order of latent fingerprinting will be “determined” by the Director of the FSB.

Human rights activists consider illogical unification of the powers of the MVD and FSB

In “United Russia” claim that the bill was passed to unify the powers of the MVD and the FSB. “I’m for standards harmonization”, – said Deputy Chairman of the Duma security Committee Alexander Khinshtein, who became a co-sponsor. United Russia said that in the law no such authority, which would not be employees of the Federal security service, but they “were regulated by departmental instructions.”

Defenders on this object that the control mechanism of the FSB and the interior Ministry is different, so to standardize the norms of work of employees of the two agencies is illogical. “Unification would be logical if the FSB would be possible to use the same public control, which is in the Ministry of internal Affairs”, – said “Kommersant” member of the presidential Council on human rights Andrey Babushkin.

In the Communist party explained what is the risk of giving the MVD and the FSB the same powers. “We usually support bills that strengthen law enforcement agencies. But to vote for this couldn. Because, unlike the police, the FSB has the right to detain citizens, to enter the dwelling and perform other actions, without identity, without explaining the reasons on which they operate. If the authority to legalize, that is the risk to legitimize and abuse”, – explained “Kommersant” Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on constitutional legislation, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party Vadim Soloviev.

According to MP Dmitry Gudkov, expelled from the faction “Fair Russia”, “the bad news is that the status of the law elevated the use of force by the FSB not only to “prevent riots”, but for “the blocking of movement of groups of individuals” and in the case of “resistance to the employee of FSB”. “So now all the participants of the meeting with the Deputy, organized somewhere in the street, fights with “people in mufti”, using the means at hand” – suggested the MP.

On the adoption of the law on the right of the FSB to use the weapon at deputies took 10 minutes 23.12.2015

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