Showman Mikhail Galustyan on the anniversary of KVN, which was broadcast in the First channel, parodied the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

Club Cheerful and Resourceful (KVN) celebrated this year’s 55-year anniversary. Among the invitees at the gala show were the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, who also had a good laugh over a parody.

Galustyan came on the scene in dutom vest and waddle, imitating manner of speech of the head of Chechnya. He approached a leading TV Alexander Maslyakov, congratulated the anniversary and asked why his son sitting in the hall. “Not quite right, when sitting the Junior and senior stands, – said Galustyan in the image of Kadyrov. – I suggest in the future to do the opposite: You’re here to sit, he’s supposed to stand.”

Galustyan parody also walked by the reaction Kadyrov on the victory on elections in the United States Donald trump and made fun of popular games, sitting in the hall reported to Mr. Putin that the Chechen Republic of any pokemon there, all of them caught.

He proposed that the WHC to be held in Grozny. “And this, which is a parody did – Galustyan bring. I’ll break his kneecaps, hands wear!” – said at the end of the hero parody Galustyan.

Immediately after this speech in social networks is worried about the fate of the famous showman, noting that the actor should be wary of legs, because Kadyrov might not understand your kind of humor. Users should find out, you did not get Galustyan to the trauma. Some have suggested Galustian to apologize to Kadyrov.

Mikhail Galustyan and Sam cautiously parodies Kadyrov, noting that a lot of respect for Ramzan Akhmetovich. On performances in Volgograd 1 November Galustyan, sparodiroval Kadyrov, the laughter of the audience asked the audience to “put on record” his words of respect.

Ramzan Kadyrov has not yet commented on the parody, but his Instagram post is a greeting to Alexander Maslyakov. “We are grateful to Alexander for his great contribution to the development of our KVN team, support in the most difficult times for our people days. I, on behalf of all young people and all residents of Chechnya congratulate Alexander Vasilievich with his jubilee and wishes good health, achievement of new creative heights!” – Kadyrov wrote.

On the anniversary issue of KVN showman Mikhail Galustyan parodied the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov 28.11.2016

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