Residents of the village of Nyda in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district was faced with an unusual natural phenomenon. On the banks of the river flowing along the village, there are a lot of ice balls, like a giant cranberry in the Sahara. While geometric pieces of ice melted, the villagers photographed on their background.

Ice balls appeared on the banks of the river Nyda two weeks ago, according to “Vesti-Yamal”. A huge “snowballs” has arisen from-for a strong snowfall occurred then thaw and unexpected storm.

“At this time, there is a lot of snow, and the water arrived. Along the shore formed snow blocks with ice, and, when the waves, strong waves began to break up masses of snow into pieces and roll them in the sand. Chunks of ice began to grow. And get balls of different sizes”, – said the head of the Department for social and housing development of the village administration Valery.

According to him, the size of the balls ranging from 10 to 25 cm in diameter. They appeared on the shore Nadi two weeks ago and still remain in place. The villagers continue to be photographed with the ice balls.

Specialists of the Arctic and Antarctic research Institute (AARI) said about the nature of the ice balls. “This is a rare natural phenomenon. As a rule, first is the primary natural phenomena such as grease ice, Shuga. And then it’s a combination of the wind, shape of the coastline and the temperature-wind regime. It can be such an original combination, which leads to rolling of and education that these balls”, – explained the press-Secretary of the Arctic and Antarctic research Institute Sergei Lisenkov.

A similar phenomenon was recorded in St. Petersburg in 2014. But then the diameter of the balls does not exceed 10 cm.

On the banks of the river on the Yamal Peninsula appeared a cluster of huge “snowballs” (PHOTO) 03.11.2016

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