Police in the Italian resort town of Rimini (Emilia-Romagna) is looking for four people suspected in the attack on the spouses of tourists arrived at the Apennines from Poland. The man was beaten and his wife gang raped. According to preliminary data, the crime involved migrants from North Africa, writes La Repubblica.

The crime was committed on the night of August 26th at a local beach of Miramare, where last year was raped by a tourist from the UK. A young married couple who were in Rimini on vacation, I decided to spend my last night at the resort without sleep. Tourists walking along the coastal strip and took pictures, when they approached the four intruders.

In broken English, the suspects began to beg, demanding booze, cigarettes or money. Having been refused, they beat the man, stunning him with a blow of bottle on the head. While the tourist was unconscious, the attackers abused his wife. Then they dragged 26-year-old girl into the water and disappeared. The victim was able to get back on land and return to the body of her husband.

The ambulance and police appeared on the scene around 4:00. Emergency services were called Romanian prostitute who first discovered the spouses of foreigners who radioed for help, says Il Tempo.

The victims in a state of shock and with serious injuries was taken to a local hospital.

According to police, the poles were attacked by four young immigrants from North Africa, who, apparently, were under the influence of alcohol and drugs. It is assumed that these refugees involved in the attack on a Peruvian transsexual, perfect that night.

Rimini the police have thrown all forces on search of suspects, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. They examined the area of the beach, local bars and restaurants, and abandoned buildings. Investigators are analyzing footage from surveillance cameras. On the scene found the evidence: a bottle of beer and a pair of men’s Slippers. In addition, the clothing and underwear of the victim tourists are traces of the DNA of suspects.

On the Italian beach Africans raped the Polish tourist and beat up her husband 29.08.2017

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