In Voronezh the Soviet star on the spire of one of the buildings painted, turning it into Patrick’s character of the popular cartoon “spongebob Squarepants” (SpongeBob SquarePants, “spongebob”). Local roofers disown the action and expressed their readiness to participate in restoration.

About the action reported on November 9 in the local group with the gloomy title “darkest side of Voronezh” the social network “Vkontakte”. “What a bastard, abusing the star? It’s not funny,” protested the author, who published a few pictures of the building, the spire of which appeared pink starfish Patrick from “spongebob”.

User appealed to the local community of roofers OTRV with a request to explain what happened. “I hope at least OTRV clarify the situation or at least help to wash the star. PYSY: if you do and are going to wash, invite us, we’ll get a report” – asked the author of the post.

Posted on photos it is visible that between the ears of corn, tied with ribbon, on the spire of the building now flaunts starfish Patrick in his usual outfit – a bright green Hawaiian shorts with purple flowers. To write on the community wall is attached to the song “Sponge Bob” rapper Vasily Vakulenko under the pseudonym Noggano.

In the comments under the post rufer Andrew Grebeniki published the official response of the community OTRV on the appeal of the author of the post. “The administration does not support this action and did not participate in it. Unfortunately, the high popularity of rufing leads to such consequences,” – said in the message. The roofers said that they are ready to help in restoration and are searching for “financing”.

Town portal said that vandals painted the star on the spire of the house N48 on the 25th of October.

In a press-service GU MVD region “Voronezh Notebook” said that vandalism instituted administrative proceedings under article 20.1 of the administrative code “Petty hooliganism”. The sanction of article prescribes punishment from 500 to 1,000 rubles or administrative arrest, said the Agency.

According to the newspaper “These things”is not the first case of hooliganism with the stars on the towers in Voronezh. In October 2015, unknown, hung on the spire of the house on the street Koltsovsky pirate flag. In may, the flag gaming movement “Ducklings” set on the hill with a star on Devitskaya away.

In addition, in October 2014, the state Duma Deputy of the faction “Fair Russia” Oleg Pakholkov has initiated an investigation into the mass disappearance of red stars from the mass graves in Voronezh, said “Voronezh Notebook”. Head of Department of culture of Voronezh Ivan chukhnov promised then that all the symbols of higher valor will return to their seats until the end of 2014.

On the roof of a building in Voronezh Soviet star turned into Patrick from “spongebob” 11.11.2016

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