In Khabarovsk, the employee of radio station “the East of Russia” Konstantin Bubo captured on video moving across the street magnaromagna Chinese crab and put it on the Network.

“The shame of all stereotypes! Let the world know that the streets of Khabarovsk do not go bears! Here you go crab!” – radio host wrote on his page in Facebook.

Crustaceans he found under the Windows of the house N60 on the street Serysheva. Bubo stated that there is no place that could escape the crab kiosk with Shawarma stall making keys, Central district court , printing house and city psychiatric hospital, reports RIA “Vostok-Media – Khabarovsk”.

“Close the nursing home. ZAGS still near and bailiffs. In General, a lot of crab could take!” – added a Bubo in the comments.

In the end, the crab is sheltered in one of the city’s pet stores. “I took it to the pet store first one, where he is not accepted, then in another,” – said the Bubo colleagues.

An employee of a pet store that adopted the foundling, said that this Chinese maherali crab. “We washed it thoroughly, cleaned. Feed meat, fish. More food for the turtles, he eats well,” said the seller Yuliya Makarova.

In the future, the crab plan to sell. Meanwhile, the radio station on which the Bubo, offered to come up with a name for a crab.

Maherali Chinese crab (Eriocheir sinensis) is a species of crabs from the family Varunidae. The name given to the numerous hairs on their limbs. The original habitat of the Yellow sea, but at present its range extends from China to Europe and North America. In Russia was spotted in the Black sea, in the Onega lake and the Volga.

Equally comfortable feels in the sea and in fresh water. For reproduction migrates to the sea. It feeds on the remains of fish, shellfish and aquatic vegetation. The meat of this crab in China is considered a delicacy.

On the streets of Khabarovsk walked maherali Chinese crab (VIDEO) 06.10.2016

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