President Vladimir Putin spoke on Thursday, October 27, at the plenary session of the international discussion club “Valdai” in Sochi. A significant part of this speech, like the speech at the forum “Russia calling!” October 12 was devoted to Russia’s foreign policy and relations with Western countries.

Putin called hysteria talk about the fact that Russia is interfering in American elections. “Among the mythical, invented is deployed and hysteria – I can’t say about Russia’s influence on the course of the current election of the American President”, – quotes the President TASS.

The President noted that before the United States is a lot of problems – from the colossal public debt to police brutality. “But, apparently, to say the elite is nothing, nothing to reassure society. Much easier to divert people’s attention on Russia’s so-called hackers, spies, agents of influence, and so forth.” “Does anyone really thinks that Russia can somehow influence the choice of the American people? America that some “banana country”, what? America is a great power”, – said the Russian President and added: “If I’m wrong, correct me please.”

Putin sorry that Russia has no ability to maintain a powerful propaganda machine comparable to Western media. “I’ll tell you, colleagues, I’d like to have a propaganda machine in Russia. But this is, unfortunately, not so. We have no such global media as CNN, BBC and others. We have these opportunities not yet”, – quotes the words of Putin , RIA “Novosti”.

Putin is not the first time respond to the charges in the organization of hacker attacks and hacking servers of the National Committee of the Democratic party of the United States in July of this year. Last time at the forum “Russia calling!” he noticed that the hysteria in the media distracts the American people from the fact that were uploaded by the hackers: “unseemly” behavior of staff, Hillary Clinton during the election campaign.

Trump represents the interests of “ordinary” people who “don’t like the transfer of power by inheritance”

Meanwhile, Putin said that presidential candidate of the USA Donald trump represents the interests of ordinary Americans who are tired of the elites for decades in power in the United States.

“As for Mr. trump, he chose, apparently, the way to reach the hearts of voters. What? It is, of course, behave extravagantly, we all see it, but I think it’s all not so pointless,” – quoted Putin “Interfax”.

“It simply represents the interests of ordinary people who criticize those who for decades have been in power”, he added and explained: trump represents the interests of “those who do not like the transfer of power by inheritance.”

At the same time, the view that Moscow allegedly has his favorite in the presidential election in the United States, Putin called the result of the work of the media. So he replied to the remark of one of participants of session, that foreign media had the impression that Russia has a clear favorite in the American presidential election Donald trump.

In the opinion of Putin, the opinion formed by those who protect the presidential race in the interests of Hillary Clinton. “How is it done? First, it creates the image of the enemy in Russia, and then declared that the tramp is our favorite. This is complete nonsense and complete nonsense. It’s just a method of internal political struggle, a way of manipulating public opinion ahead of the presidential elections in the United States,” said Putin.

About the Russian attack on NATO countries: “It is foolish and unrealistic,”

The assumption that Russia could become a military threat to NATO, the Russian President called funny. “In the West, said Putin, is permanently stamped fictitious mythical kind of threats emanating from Russia’s military threat”.

“The fact is, however, Russia no one is going to attack, and it’s funny, I read your analytical and materials – not only those present, but also analysts from the United States, from Europe, that would be impossible just silly and unrealistic. In Europe alone, there are 300 million, all NATO members, to a population of 600 million people, probably, in Russia – 146 million. Well, just ridiculous about it to speak,” the President said (quoted by TASS).

Putin said that Moscow is not concerned with global domination, nor the expansion, and in favor of equal and indivisible security for all. “Countries that, like Russia, can draw on a thousand years of history, in the world a lot, and we learned to appreciate their identity, freedom and independence, we neither aspire to global dominance, nor to expansion of some kind, no confrontation with anyone,” he said.

According to him, “true leadership today is not to invent ephemeral threats and capitalizing on them to try to subjugate the others, and to see the real problems, to help unite the efforts of States in their decision.” “And that’s exactly what Russia today understands its role in world Affairs”, – said Putin.

At the same time Putin in the same speech, he criticized NATO for what it does not adapt to the new conditions since the cold war: “Established during the cold war and apparently survived the age of the structure, well, let’s say, such as NATO, despite all the talk about the need to adapt to new conditions, no real adaptation to new conditions is not happening,” said the President.

According to Putin, the OSCE is constantly trying to turn into a service tool of someone else’s foreign policy interests, in the end, it works “in vain.”

NATO reinforces defenses in the countries located along the border with Russia, amid growing concerns over the strengthening of the military potential of Moscow. The decision to deploy an additional four battalions of NATO in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States (Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) was adopted at the summit of NATO on 8 July 2016, in response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

In recent days, a special voltage called the passage through the English channel to Syria Russian naval aircraft carrier group, which the West regarded as a demonstration of strength, and October 10, the incident in the Black sea when Russian military aircraft flew close to an American warship. However, according to Bloomberg news, Putin is extremely sharply reacted to actions of the defense Ministry.

The terrorists began to act independently, Putin warned

Putin called “a dangerous game” the use of terrorists by some countries in their political interests. “I want to appeal to such players: in this case, the extremists are smarter, smarter and stronger than you, and flirting with them, you will always lose”, – said Putin.

“The terrorist attacks of recent years in Boston and other American cities, Paris, Brussels, nice, cities in Germany, Yes, unfortunately, we have, in our country, show that the terrorists have no need of a cell or organizational structure, they can act alone, Autonomous, ideologically enough just to motivate them and direct the enemy – we are with you” – said the President of the Russian Federation.

Putin compared the siege of Aleppo offensive in Mosul

Putin rejected criticism of Russia for the bombing of Aleppo and reminded about the civilian casualties in Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen. As noted by RBC, the siege of Aleppo, the President compared the attack on Mosul that the Iraqi army is the participation of the United States. According to him, there are terrorists killed about 200 people, trying to stop the advance of the Iraqi army. “Let’s not forget,” said the President of Russia.

As Putin said, in Aleppo need to destroy a nest of terrorists, while doing everything to avoid casualties among the civilian population. “If you don’t want anything to touch, you do not need to come in Mosul. Let’s all keep it that way,” said Putin.

“We constantly hear from our partners: need to step on Raqqa, the need to destroy the nest of terrorism. But in raqqa, too, live a peaceful citizens”, – said Putin. According to him, the “egg terrorists on President Bashar al-Assad” began long before the Russian involvement in Syria.

Putin also reminded about the fact that civilians are dying not only in Aleppo but also in Yemen and Afghanistan, where, according to him, “one stroke aircraft destroyed entire wedding.” “In my opinion, the bells should ring for all these innocent victims.”

The President stated that “to stop the bloodshed and start the political process” in Syria “cannot”. “It would seem, after long negotiations, a massive effort and complex trade-offs finally began to form a United front against terrorism, but this did not happen. Did not work and our personal agreement with the President of the United States,” he said (quoted by “Interfax”).

Putin explained who is responsible for the “systemic crisis” in the global economy

In the economic part of the speech, Vladimir Putin said that the global economy can not get out of the systemic crisis, and political and economic principles are constantly shuffled, and illustrate this idea, again turned to criticism of the United States.

“The system of international relations is constantly reeling, the global economy can not get out of the systemic crisis, the principles and rules in politics and the economy are constantly shuffled. Often flipped inside out what recently was considered the truth, was erected into a dogma,” – said Putin.

He added that today, if some of the countries best any standards or regulations they are forced to obey them and all the rest. However, if those standards get in the way, they “immediately sent to the trash and consider obsolete”, and establish new rules. As an example of such a strategy, he cited the missile strikes on Belgrade in Iraq, then in Libya and Afghanistan.

The operation was started without an appropriate UN security Council resolution. Some superpower, according to Putin, trying to change in their favor the strategic balance, broke the international legal regime prohibiting the deployment of new missile defense systems, created and provided weapons to international terrorist groups, and cruelty which pushes millions of people to migrate from dangerous areas, while whole countries are pushed into chaos.

Putin also noted that it violated the freedom of trade and use of sanctions for political pressure. “We see sacrifice freedom of trade and use so-called sanctions for political pressure. To bypass the world trade organization are trying to foster closed economic alliances with strict rules and barriers, where the main beneficiaries of their transnational corporations”, – gave the example of the Russian President.

“It is absolutely obvious that economic cooperation should be mutually beneficial and be based on General universal principles that each state could become a full participant in the world economic life, – said Putin. – In the medium term, the trend towards regionalization of the world economy is likely to continue, but regional trade agreements should complement, build on, not substitute for universal norms and rules”.

…and made it clear that he is not going to retire

At the beginning of the speech, Putin had to respond to the wish of the moderator of the session “safely retire”.

“Dear moderator wished me safely to retire, I wish. When the time comes, it should be done. Before I retired, the current leader of the big powers, I should be restrained, not show in their expressions too aggressive. I actually don’t think it’s my style,” said Putin (quote from the website of the Kremlin).

This statement echoes a September Bloomberg interview, in which Putin saidthat the future President should be young enough and at the same time “Mature”. But then he said that is not yet decided whether to stand as a candidate in the elections of 2018.

As reported TASS, the question of what, in his opinion, I’ll write about the “Putin era” in future textbooks on the history of Russia, the President replied: “as to the main, what I think will be interesting to see future researchers of the Russian history – the main thing is how we managed to achieve the cohesion of Russian society and the Russian people to unite around the solution of national problems”.

Gazety clarifies that the question was different. The Russian leader said, what you need to do to the next Chapter in the textbook the history of Russia was not called “troubled”.

To the question about who of the leaders of the state of the past he can compare Putin replied with a smile: “Catherine I do not like based on gender”.

On the question of who will be the next Chapter, Putin has noticed that at it “answer people” who will choose the leader of the country.

On the “Valdai” Putin explained why Russia cannot attack a NATO country and influence elections in the United States 27.10.2016

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