Residents of Lipetsk failed without incident to take the body of the dead grandmother of Sochi home. In the Rostov region mounted on the vehicle and forwarding the trunk was gone along with the corpse.

A source Gorod48 in law enforcement bodies told that the family of Lipetsk residents of four (husband, wife, child and elderly relative) went to the South by car. On the way to the sea 77-year-old woman died. In Sochi, her family issued the necessary documents about the death and handed over the body deposited in the morgue. The funeral has been decided to arrange in Lipetsk. After a day at sea, the family acquired forwarding the trunk, in which was placed the body, and went home.

On the way back lipchane (along with a body in the trunk on the roof of the car) decided to stay overnight at the campsite located in the Rostov region. The next morning, when they decided to hit the road, it turned out that the trunk was gone. Obviously, the thieves decided that in the trunk of the car with numbers of other region is as old.

Neither the trunk nor the body of an elderly woman to find it and failed.

Later, the representatives of the Moi in the Rostov region said that in the region of such a crime was not recorded.

On the way from Sochi in Lipetsk residents stole the trunk with the body of the grandmother 11.10.2016

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