On the Yamal Peninsula are foreign forces that are trying to set the local population against the government to undermine the situation in the country. This writes Ura.ru with reference to the grassroots political scientist Evgeniya Zabrodina and Director of the Department of internal policy of Yamal Sergey Klimentyev.

In their opinion, the protest mood among the reindeer herders of Yamal are heated through the group “Voice of the tundra”, created in the social network “Vkontakte”. In this community talk about reducing the deer population, the consequences of outbreak of anthrax, the work of aircraft in the tundra and the difficulties faced by the nomads.

Because such active position, the herders never expressed, officials began to study the behavior of community members and their statements. Acting with the report before deputies of regional legislative Assembly, the Director of the Department of internal policy Sergey Klimentyev has demonstrated a video in which administrators of the group openly called provocateurs, deliberately inflating the scandal of a normal household situation, writes Ura.EN.

Also in the video, talk about the alleged connection between the community “Voice of the tundra” and the public organization Batani, who was recently recognized as a foreign agent. It is headed by the famous Yamal fighter for the rights of indigenous peoples Mr. Pavel Sulyandziga. In conversation with media, he said that the organization “could support this community, but we don’t know.”

Meanwhile, the journalists managed to contact the Creator of the community “Voice of the tundra” on condition of anonymity. He told that he is a resident of Yamal, a group in the social network created to attract the attention of media and authorities as County and municipal, to environmental issues and indigenous people of the North.

Charges klymentyev, the Creator of the community considers unreasonable. “I thought they had a sick imagination! What could be foreign agents? They just want to intimidate us because we tell the truth,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

Meanwhile Yamal analyst Yevgeny Zabrodin opinion klymentyev parts. In his opinion, “on the Yamal Peninsula there is no confrontation between the authorities and reindeer herders, but his artificially create”. “There are interested parties “rocking” of the situation inside and outside. The first group is people who have business in the area of reindeer herding. The second group is foreign funds. The same propaganda was waged in the republics before the collapse of the Soviet Union”, – said the analyst.

He compared the situation with the conflict in KHMAO. According to Zabrodin, there are differences between oil workers and indigenous people, but this opposition does not affect the relationship of aboriginal people and the government. On the Yamal Peninsula the situation is slightly different: it is an attempt to influence the national intelligentsia and poking the power. In fact, create a conflict. And this can adversely affect the stability of the situation in the region and the country as a whole, because the Yamal is the oil-producing region.

On the Yamal Peninsula Internet activists accused of trying to set herders against the government 23.11.2016

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