In the Uzbek capital Tashkent on Friday, October 7, at the mosque “Jurabek” open mosque “Islom OTA”, restored after the fire and renamed in memory of the first President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov. About it reports

Mosque “Jurabek” on the street Fargona Yuli street is almost completely burned in the spring of 2015. According to the younger of the President’s daughter Lola Karimova, she and her husband Timur Tillyaev revived the building of the mosque. Restoration of the mosque started in late 2015 and lasted nine months.

“At the suggestion of the Ulema (spiritual leaders) and the General public
it was decided to rename the mosque at “Islom OTA” in memory of
the first President of Uzbekistan, and my father, Islam Karimov,” wrote
Lola Karimova informed on his page in Facebook.
Islom – the name of Islam Karimov in Uzbek, and “OTA” (ota) is the father.

“The design and reconstruction of the mosque
“Islom OTA” builders and architects followed the canons of construction
mosques in Central Asian style, and numerous patterns
the interior and external decoration of the mosque is also made in accordance with
traditions of Central Asian school of architecture. The mosque is decorated with the main
the dome (22.1 m), a large minaret (36,65 m) and four small minarets
(10,82 m),” – said Karimov.

The total area of the complex, compared to the old, increased by nearly
two times – from 2900 square feet to 5,400. Now the mosque can
to pray to 560 believers. Inside the dome, the ceilings and walls
painted with verses from the Koran. The mosque has a library and rooms for
ablutions. The building also has equipment for people with
disability the latest air purification system,
the air conditioning system.

“The revival of the mosque, “Islom OTA”, which is one of the oldest mosques
Tashkent and having three hundred years of history, is truly historic
the event, contributing to the preservation of religious and spiritual values
our people. There is a legend that on a moonless night
caravans, following in the direction of Tashkent city along the Great
The silk Road, from afar he could see the light coming from the
the mosques,” said Lola Karimova.

Meanwhile, according to radio “Ozodlik”, the Tashkent architects and conservators expressed concern that the historic mosque of “Jurabek”, consisting in the Control list for the protection of cultural heritage, was demolished and rebuilt in violation of building norms. According to the representative of Management after “recovery operations”, the mosque has lost its historical significance.

The Agency Fergana
notes that the invitation to the ceremonial opening of the reconstructed mosque was
sent on behalf of Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva and her husband. In the event
was attended by the Chairman of the Board of Muslims of Uzbekistan mufti
Usmonkhon Alimov. Among the guests noticed in particular known in
The Uzbekistan singer Sherali Juraev and writer Tahir Malik. Photos of
this event, made by a resident of Tashkent Abu Muslim, published in

On the death of 78-year-old Karimov was
on the evening of 2 September, and the next day, he buried
according to Muslim traditions in his native Samarkand.

One of the oldest mosques of Tashkent was reconstructed and renamed in honor of Karimov 07.10.2016

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