Optimization of health care in Russia has led to the mass closure of hospitals and the drop in quality of care, and in the coming years, the country in the number of hospitals can reach the level of the Russian Empire in 1913, according to RBC with reference to the experts of the Center for economic and political reforms (CEPR).

2000-2015 number of hospitals in Russia declined by half – from 10.7 per thousand to 5.4 thousand, estimated by experts, CEPR on the basis of Rosstat data. In its report “Health care. Optimization of the Russian health care system in action”, they note: if you close the hospital will continue at the same pace, to 2021-2022 years in the country they will be only about three thousand.

After the hospitals for the last 15 years in the country reduced the number of hospital beds – an average of 27.5%, to 1.2 million, according to CEPR. In rural areas, the reduction of places in hospitals was almost 40%. This data confirms the Director of the Foundation of independent monitoring “Health” Eduard Gavrilov, who said that only in 2013 the hospitals was less than 100 thousand patients, the Agency said.

In his report, CEPR references both the validation results of the optimization of health by the chamber of accounts, the results of which the experts came to the conclusion that health care reform has led to reduced availability of medical services. As noted in Capri, 2000-2015 increased morbidity: complications during pregnancy and childbirth has increased 39.1% of the identified tumors – by 35.7%, diseases of the circulatory system – 82.5%, reported in the publication.

In 2014, Russia had launched a large-scale healthcare reform, which provoked a storm of criticism from the medical community. The wave of protests that resulted in mass layoffs of physicians in reform, the elimination of some hospitals and offices, their ill-conceived merger.

In September 2015, the forum Pro-Putin all-Russia people’s front (onf) “For quality and affordable medicine!” with the participation of the President of the “veterans” told Vladimir Putin about the critical situation in this field and has proposed to suspend health care reform, but he refused to do it.

Optimization of health care will reduce the number of hospitals to the level of Czarist Russia, predicted experts 07.04.2017

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