The ruling Bishop of Birobidzhan diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church Bishop of Birobidzhan and Kuldursky Ephraim (Prosyanok) convinced that it is necessary to strengthen the Church’s presence in social networks. Moreover, such a presence, according to a young age hierarchs of the Russian Church, can be expressed even in the selfie, taken on the background of the temple and posted online.

About this Bishop said in an interview with the newspaper “Birobidzhan star”, in which he shared his impressions about the Council of bishops of the ROC held in early February in Moscow, reports the news Agency EAOmedia.

According to Bishop, “bishops’ Council always encourages an active life position and clergy, and laity,” and this means that every believer, including those living in the Jewish Autonomous region (EAO), “should be taken very seriously to his call to be a part of Holy Orthodoxy”. “In your life, in daily work, in communicating with colleagues, friends, family,” an Orthodox man should “bear witness to the faith, in speech, in prayer,” said the representative of the Church.

One of the important tasks of the Church the Bishop sees in the revitalization of ministries in the social sector, in youth work. On the territory of the Jewish Autonomous region, he noted, there are religious organizations that are not traditional for Russia. “There are organizations that are known for spreading extremist literature. Probably, our word here would be appropriate in order to protect people from those unhealthy trends that are promoted under the guise of religion,” said the Bishop.

Missionary work, he believes, must be fought by the clergy and laity in social networks, because the Church is living today in the information age, so it is important that each event appears in the media and on the Internet.

“For many people who have not yet found the way to God, the road to the temple, very often the occasion to reflect on the spiritual life can be an informational message about the event’s religious life, photographs, a news story,” emphasized Bishop Ephraim.

He referred to the report of the head of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for cooperation of Church and society and the media Legoida expressed at the bishops ‘ Council. It was noted that the number of Orthodox users of Russia’s most popular social networks – “Vkontakte” and “Classmates” – is a large audience. However, an indicator such as “participation rate” of Orthodox in limited to 15%, and this suggests that millions of these users only the sixth part is active participants in communities associated with Orthodoxy.

In this regard, says the head of the diocese, it is necessary not only to join the discussions and put “likes” under the photos, but “you must create unique content”.

“Every trip to the temple is fraught with new experiences, people love to be photographed now, to make social media their impressions of past events in their lives. Anyone here going to the Church and the parish feast or in everyday life can give a lot of good material”, – said the interlocutor of “the Birobidzhan star”.

And, according to Bishop, can help even a “selfie on the way to the temple, against the temple, in the temple and on the way out of the temple”. “Sometimes it can be a completely different mood and different state of mind”, – he stressed.

Orthodox Bishop says “Yes” selfie in the temple 09.03.2016

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