A painting of the famous Russian and Soviet avant-garde artist, founder of Suprematism Kazimir Malevich’s “Suprematist composition with a strip in the projection” on Tuesday, may 16, became the most expensive lot at Sotheby’s auction in new York.

As stated on the website of the auction house, written by the artist in 1915, the painting was sold for 21 million 162,5 thousands of dollars at an estimated cost of 12 million to $ 18 million.

#AuctionUpdate: Setting the gold standard: Malevich”s Suprematist Composition from 1915 was sought by 4 bidders, soaring to $21.2 m pic.twitter.com/F93Kmxl8BG

Painting by Kazimir Malevich was sold in new York for $ 21.2 million 17.05.2017

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