Russian paratroopers together with Egyptian colleagues under the joint anti-terrorist exercises “Defenders of friendship-2016″ first performed the jump on managed parachutes out of the plane Casa Egyptian air force.

“Joint landing was carried out from a height of three thousand meters from the Casa plane of the Armed forces of Egypt on a narrow landing “Tallet” – reports “Interfax” with reference to the Department of information and mass communications of the Russian defense Ministry.

It is noted that for landing delayed disclosure of the parachute troops, the airborne forces used the parachute system of special purpose “Arbalet-1″, and the Egyptian paratroopers parachute “MS-5″.

Landing troops VDV Russia and Egypt from a light turboprop transport aircraft took place in accordance with with the Egyptian side agreements. Participation of servicemen of the airborne troops of Russia in international exercises regulated by the plan of the international activities of the Ministry of defense of Russia.

24 October, Russian and Egyptian paratroopers during the main phase of the exercises, parachuted from the aircraft Il-76, Casa and freed the village from the contingent of militants. In the drawing of this episode involved more than 15 helicopters and various aircraft, the parachute landed about 300 soldiers and 10 pieces of equipment.

The landing personnel was carried out on two landing platforms “Tallet” with heights of 600, 1800 and 2200 meters, and combat equipment for parachute strapdown systems, and parachute platforms – from a height of 600 metres, reported in the account of the defense Ministry in Facebook.

During the landing of the main forces of the landing used a parachute system D-10 and T-10B and parachute systems for special purposes “Crossbow-1″ And “Arbalet-2 and MC-5″. Military equipment of the Egyptian paratroopers landed at two-dome, and Russian – multi-dome parachute systems.

Later, the defense Ministry announced on its website and YouTube channel the video of the landing of Russian paratroopers in Egypt.

Management units involved in teaching, carried out the Russian-Egyptian task force joint command center at a military base El-Hamam with the use of unified communications. Over the course of the exercise was observed by representatives from more than 30 countries, the Ministry said.

On 21 October, Russian and Egyptian paratroopers for the first time performed “jump” friendship, exchanging parachutes, reported the website of the defense Ministry. Over 10 servicemen of the Russian airborne troops carried out the jump in the Egyptian parachute system T-10B with a height of 600-800 meters from the plane C-130 Hercules of the Egyptian air force on the landing “Tallet” near the military base “al-Umeed”, and about 30 paratroopers from Egypt have entrusted their lives to parachutes D-10 of the Russian production.

Joint anti-terrorist exercises “Defenders of friendship-2016″ with the participation of airborne troops of Russia and Egypt held from 15 to 26 November near the Egyptian city of Alexandria. The Russian newspaper Izvestia wrote that Moscow is negotiating the deployment of military bases in Egypt. Official Egyptian newspaper Al Ahram on Tuesday quoted the envoy, who said that foreign military bases in Egypt would.

Meanwhile, the maneuvers in Egypt – not the only one that is currently being conducted by Russia. The other day near Brest ended the joint Belarus-the Russian tactical doctrine, which was attended by 200 Russian soldiers by contract, and two landing-assault battalion of one of the compounds of the special operations Forces of Belarus. During the exercises the Marines of the two countries successfully completed the destruction of illegal armed formations (NVF) and covering the borders of the Union state, reported in another publication at the defense Ministry in Facebook.

In addition, the polygons motorized connections of the southern military district, stationed in Chechnya, the final check was passed more than three thousand troops. Crews fighting vehicles mechanized infantry brigades, manned by contract, and satisfied the driving standards tracked and wheeled vehicles, exercises of control firing practice with small arms, weapons tanks T-72B3, BTR-82A in difficult conditions forested mountainous terrain in day and night. Motorized infantry also held the examination for physical fitness when making a forced March with full kit and obstacle course, pull-UPS and lifting weights.

Paratroopers of the Russian Federation and Egypt first performed the jump on managed parachutes 25.10.2016

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