Hundreds of French people gathered at the Republic square in Paris to honor the victims of terrorist attacks in panic started to run yet unknown reasons, reports Reuters. Representatives of emergency services noted that some people were convinced that they had heard gunshots. In just a few moments, the area was completely deserted.

Later on shooting said the correspondent of TV channel “Russia-24″. One of the journalists, as reported by “Interfax”, said he clearly heard the sound of gunfire. Another correspondent stated that as a result of firing have wounded witnesses saw the wounded woman. To the scene promptly arrived the police and ambulance cars.

When the panic ceased, the cause of the incident clarified. French law enforcement authorities immediately denied the initial information of a possible shooting. According to the representative of police of the Prefecture, the townspeople mistook for gunshots explosions of firecrackers, reports TASS.

The incident occurred during the laying of flowers at the place where the terrorists on Friday killed people. The sounds that people took with the fire, came from the Republic square. The police could not understand what was happening and ordered everyone present to take refuge on the neighboring streets. As a result nobody has suffered.

In Paris remain extremely worrying situation after a series of terrorist attacks that occurred last Friday. According to official data on Sunday evening, the terrorist attacks in Paris and near the Stade de France resulted in the deaths of 132 people. The most terrible events unfolded in the concert hall Bataclan, accommodating fifteen hundred people. The attackers started to shoot spectators, killing about 90 people. The terrorists also shot visitors of a few cafes in two districts of Paris.

Shortly after the terrorist attacks French President Francois Hollande has imposed a state of emergency and closed the state border. France announced three days of mourning. According to the French authorities, in a series of attacks were eight criminals. Six of the bombers blew himself up, another terrorist was shot by police, but one managed to escape.

The eighth of the Paris terrorists are looking for in several European countries. The official Twitter account of the French police published the photos and data hiding terrorist is a 26-year-old native of Brussels Salah Abdessalam. He declared in the international search. Earlier in the media called the names of the three Paris terrorists, but officially named only one – 29-year-old Frenchman Ismail Omar Mostefa. He was identified by his thumbprint severed finger found at the scene of the shooting at the Bataclan club.

Parisians fled in panic from the Republic square, taking shots to the explosions of firecrackers 16.11.2015

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