The Manager “LUKOIL” and the street racers Mara Baghdasaryan held a witness in the case of races on a Gelandewagen in Moscow with the participation of the son of the Vice-President of “LUKOIL” Ruslan Shamsuarov, published in Facebook video, which makes Shamsuarov drift on BMW.

Several media outlets described the publication of the video as a response to a statement by state Duma Deputy and former Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Polonskaya on too soft a punishment for the participants of the race on the Gelandewagen. She Baghdasaryan called journalists who wrote about drift Shamsuarov, “Cedarstone” and “degenerates” and said that the video was made six months ago.

Published Baghdasaryan record is signed as “the new adventures Borzrus’a”. Under the pseudonym borzrus the microblogging service Twitter was Ruslan Shamsuarov. The 19-second recording, the speaker can see that, in summer, 20-year-old Shamsuarov behind the wheel of a BMW fourth series provides a drift to 360 degrees. On the website it is reported that the price of the car this series nachinautsa from 2.3 million rubles.

After the video message on Facebook, he wrote: “his Poklonskaya Crimean scare me too much!”. A few hours before the publication of the video of Poklonskaya said that he did not agree with the verdict Shamsuarov and other participants in racing Gelandewagen in Moscow, and therefore supports the decision of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation against the decision of the court. “In this case, you need to put some point and go to the rigor,” said Poklonski.

The incident of driving a Gelandewagen which caused the scandal that occurred on may 22, 2016. SUV without license plates, which belonged to Shamsuarov, a few hours went from police, violating traffic rules. Behind the wheel was a man Shamsuarov – Abdulwahab madzhidov. Young people, in spite of police persecution, made dangerous maneuvers, endangering the lives of road users.

Gagarinsky court of Moscow on 17 October sentenced the son of the Vice-President of “LUKOIL” Shamsuarov to 300 hours of compulsory work in their free time. Madzhidov was previously also sentenced to compulsory labour. The SUV was confiscated to the state. The state prosecution asked the court to sentence young people to imprisonment ranging from two years and one month to two years and seven months. According to data VTSIOM, more than 80% of Russians considered the sentence too lenient.

Participant Gelandewagen racing posted a video with the BMW drifting Shamsuarov after the statement Poklonskaya 23.10.2016

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