The Tver district court of Moscow has sentenced to real term 27-year-old participant, “we won’t Dimon” actor Yuri Koulia, accused of using violence to the police. Koulia was sent to a penal colony for eight months, reports “the Media”.

Judge Maria Sizintsev said that took into account degree of public danger of the crimes, apology to the victim Koulia, positive characteristics, marital status and age.

She added that the court considers it possible to fix the Koulia, only in case of real imprisonment in a colony-settlement and announced a two-minute break, after which call time.

Before that, Kuliyā, the court extended the arrest until October 28. The Prosecutor during debate has asked for the defendant two years in a General regime colony, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

The criminal case was considered in a special manner, because the defendant fully admitted his guilt, he grabbed the rubber stick and over the shoulder right hand of the officer of the guard Avrutina, causing this “physical pain”, and then dragged into the crowd.

In this case the meeting was held without research of proofs and interrogation of witnesses. In addition, the punishment cannot exceed two thirds of maximum term under article accusations.

The circumstances of the arrest of Yuri Koulia

Actor Yuri Coli originally from Volgograd, but had been detained at his home in Moscow. April 4, came to him with a search warrant, and then conducted an interrogation, a confrontation, and on April 6, Basmanny court he was remanded in two-month arrest.

As written, the website “OVD-info”, Koli told his lawyer that were just trying to separate the elderly person and the policeman. The reason for the detention was the video made on the stock.

On it, according to the lawyer, it is difficult to see the nuances, and the video can’t be evidence of any violence. The case also is the testimony of a law enforcement officer who pointed Koulia as a person “who grabbed his hand and thus caused him pain,” although no injuries he had.

In an interview with Meduza lawyer Alexei lipcer said he did not consider the incident an occasion for judicial inquiry. While the jury Coli pleaded guilty, lipcer said that it happened when the case involved state-appointed defender, and he personally believes this decision is wrong.

He Kuli, repeating in court the confession, said earlier the member of the PMC of Kogershin Tagievoy that there was no assault: “At the rally, rushed to save grandpa, and now here in prison. That’s what it was: the policeman fell down from the steps of the monument to Pushkin. He fell on an elderly person, everyone rushed to pick it up, including myself, and we rushed to Regarde” (quote on the website of the TV channel “Rain”).

“Even on the video posted, it is noticeable that I just spread his arms. This is not an attack,” he added. Culi explained that he pleaded guilty because “I wanted to quickly let go”, and then regretted it.

“Actually, I’m an actor, but a lot of roles I didn’t have yet. Work Deputy Director at the cinemas,” – said Kuli.

Assaulting a police officer accused of three more participants

Yuri Coli became the first defendant, was a real term in the case of the protests on March 26.

Charges are also brought against Alexander Shpakova born in 1977, Stanislav Shimuzu born in 1985 and Andrew Skew born in 1986, which was detained during the action. According to the UK, “they used violence against representatives of authorities”. Materials for each participant is allocated in separate manufacture.

May 24, Tver court in a special order will consider the case of a carpenter from Lyubertsy Alexander Shpakova, who is in custody in SIZO Vodnik. According to investigators, the defendants caused the Colonel Konnikova two punch.

The public monitoring Commission of Moscow, the defendants said that he was beaten during the arrest. On March 26, he was walking along Tverskaya with the flag of Russia, not far from him, the people began to shout about the detention of opposition leader Alexei Navalny: “then all rushed to the nearest paddy wagon, and I was in the crowd, and next to the bus I was hit in the head with a truncheon. After, on the bus, where I was dragged over the bumps, now on the kidney,” – said Shpak.

After his detention, he was taken away by ambulance, the hospital had recorded the hematoma, had a scan and the ribs. Then the defendants got together and went home because the next day he had to go to work. “Night around 3 am, woke up to calls at the door, looking through the peephole trying to open the lock. And then took me, seized all the documents, phones, computer, the clothes in which I was on the March, the flag of the one,” he said.

According to Shpakova, witnesses in the case are the captain and the Lieutenant of the police who claim that he beat a police officer. In the Protocol they wrote that the defendants attacked “at least two times” and “hung on the mirror as the orangutan”.

Soon as the Prosecutor’s office approved the indictment, the trial will be Simulcam. Trial date in the case of Oblique yet to be appointed.

The victims were police officers who were witnesses in the “Bolotnaya case”

As recently revealed, the victims at the anti-corruption rally began seven police officers, as well as “other unidentified employees of internal Affairs bodies of the Russian Federation and Regardie of Russia”. This means that defendants can be more.

At least three “victims” connected with the Affairs of the “Bolotnaya prisoners”: among them is a police officer Eugene Gavrilov, who was a witness in the “Bolotnaya case” activist Ivan the forgetful, the commander of the 1st battalion of the 2nd Superpole police Main Department of MIA in Moscow Valery Golikov – the victim of the “Bolotnaya case” Alexander Shpakova and involved in the Sergei Udaltsov and Leonid Razvozzhayev as a witness. In addition, in the case of the former “swamp” prisoner Sergei Krivov was witness by the name Sinegubov, a witness with the same last name appears in the number of victims in the SC ruling.

According to the Moscow authorities, in the capital during a protest against corruption have been detained more than 600 people, according to human rights activists – 1030 persons, including the organizer of the rally, opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Participant “He’s not Dimon” in Moscow sent to the colony for eight months 19.05.2017

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