One of the participants hard of the murder of an elderly woman in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi admitted cannibalism, told reporters on Sunday the representative of the Main Prosecutor’s office of Georgia Zviad Pkhakadze. Among the suspects in the murder (they are not older than 1993 birth) – daughter of the victim.

According to the interior Ministry, three of the detainees directly participated in the Commission of
the crime and confessed to the crime, and another two were arrested for
the concealment of the crime. Earlier, the police declared that ritual murder was committed with extreme cruelty, and the victim’s body was dismembered, but did not elaborate. One of the suspects confessed to cannibalism, Pkhakadze is not specified, reports “Interfax”.

Georgian media, citing its sources in law enforcement
the authorities report that during the Commission of the crime the criminals
was filming murder on camera of the mobile phone. Neighbors daughter of the victim told reporters that she was part of the sect, and she
constantly had conflicts with her mother.

For the murder of detained Irma K., born in 1997, Beck S., born in 1993 and Nina H was born in 1999, and Avtandil A. 1994 year of birth and Date K. born in 1993 – charged with failure to report about the murder and concealment of a crime.

According to the MIA, Irma, Beck and Nina is killed on the streets of a monk Gabriela Zalesskogo mother Irma in her apartment. A woman born 1940, Luba K., first off with a stun gun and then strangled and stabbed her multiple stab wounds. Then they put the body in a large bag and carried it to the apartment of one of the detainees, where the dismembered corpse.

When the street was dark, they transported the dismembered corpse in two bags abandoned garbage dump near Gldani prison No. 8 on the outskirts of Tbilisi in the Gldani district, doused the remains with gasoline and burned in a ditch.

Participant in the ritual murder of a pensioner in Georgia confessed to cannibalism 06.11.2016

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