Partner Donald Ladder on the presidential race Michael Pence said about the possible Russian involvement in hacker attacks in the United States. The representatives of the Democratic party, from whose information the server has been made public, had previously stated that the hack has brought benefit to the Republican Trump. Reuters, moreover, draws attention to the fact that the candidate for Vice-President again went to the assessments with their “leader”, and again during the discussion of Russia.

Pens in interview to TV channel Fox News said that any attempt by foreign States, including Russia, to undermine the security of the United States should not remain without serious consequences for them. In his opinion, the US has evidence of Russian involvement, and getting bigger. “I think there is no doubt that the evidence continues to point in this direction, and we must follow where they (the testimonies) are. And should be serious consequences for Russia and any sovereign state that undermines the security of the United States of America,” said Pence. (Quoted by TASS.)

In the matter of the consequences he agreed with the opinion expressed by Vice-President Joseph Biden in an interview with broadcaster NBC. “I hope that, as Vice-President, to another network, the consequences will be. I hope that the current administration (President Barack Obama) will bring this matter to an end,” continued the Republican. Biden has previously stated that Washington considers possibility of acceptance of measures against Russia in connection with the fact that, according to American officials associated with Russian hackers interfering in the U.S. presidential election.

Reuters notes that in the debate with Hillary Clinton, Donald trump did not recognize the involvement of Russia, stating that “it is possible that no hacking was not”. In addition, the Agency reminds that earlier, Pence and trump have disagreed in estimates about Russia’s actions. Speaking about Syria, Pence said that the US should use “military force” if Russia continues bombing in support of the operations of the army of Bashar al-Assad. Trump spoke against such a scenario.

On Sunday, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, once again commenting on allegations that hacking American servers the hackers connected to Russia, rejected this version. The actions of American politicians, he explained “finding the enemy” and the desire to shift the focus from internal problems of the United States.

Speculation about hackers, allegedly operating at the behest of Russia, appearing regularly in the American media in the last few months, since July, when the website of the organization WikiLeaks published the electronic correspondence kidnapped from the National Committee of the Democratic party. The environment of the candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton and the American media claim that the alleged hacking are related to Russian hackers.

Partner trump said about the possible Russian involvement in hacking attacks 16.10.2016

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