Only before the presidential elections in the United States Vice-presidential debate took place in USA in the night of Wednesday. The discussion began with the dispute over Russia: a partner of trump, the Governor of Indiana Mike Pence accused Democrats of weakness, and aspiring to get into the White house along with Hillary Clinton’s Tim Kane pointed out the excessive, in his opinion, love is trump to Russia.

The candidate in Vice-presidents of the USA from Republican Governor of Indiana Mike Pence said: “whilst Hillary Clinton as Secretary of state, where she was the architect of the foreign policy of the Obama administration, we see how whole parts of the world, especially the middle East, out of control. The situation which we observe hour after hour in Syria
today, is the result of weak foreign policy of Clinton, which she helped the current administration and create”, – quotes “Interfax”.

Pence said that Clinton “encouraged the recent aggression of Russia in Ukraine”.

However, democratic Senator from Virginia Tim Kane interrupted him, saying that the presidential candidate of the Republicans Donald trump and his associate “love Russia”. “You guys love Russia, – he said. – Did you know that Russia is expanding their reserves? Under the leadership of Secretary Clinton… she has worked hard to reduce the stockpiles of Russian chemical weapons, ” he added.

Leading the debate after the altercation, asked the candidates not to interrupt each other.

Pence, continuing to point out the failure of the “reset” of relations with Russia, called for the placement of a missile defense system in the Czech Republic and Poland. “There are a number of other things we need to do. We need to place a missile shield in the Czech Republic and Poland, than lost to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in 2009, because I didn’t want to insult the Russians…If trump becomes President, Russia and other countries know that we are dealing with a strong state”, – quotes TASS of the Pens.

Tim Cain, on the contrary, pointed out that the United States can not do without cooperation with Russia on many issues, and there are areas in which Moscow and Washington are able to work constructively.

At the same time he argued that the “reset” policy, which several years ago conducted against Russia, the current US administration headed by President Barack Obama, has failed through the fault of Moscow. To the direct question, “what went wrong with “reset”, Kane replied: “Vladimir Putin”.

The candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton will be able in case of a victory on elections to successfully do business with Russia, says Kane. In his view, Clinton “knows how to negotiate difficult transactions” that shows her “track record” relating to the period of the Secretary of state in 2009-13.

According to Cain, trump will not be able to be impartial, as it connects business interests with Russian business.

Partners Clinton and trump the race came together in the only televised debate 05.10.2016

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